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Because I can’t work out today how to save the world, I’ll make a tiny announcement.


There’s a new blog conference in town, the Mumsnet bloggers blogfest, and I’m going as an expert 🙂

I am quite ludicrously excited at this prospect. I will be on hand during breaks and lunch for one to one wordpress advice, and as anyone who knows me is well aware, this is a topic I can witter on about endlessly. So if you fancy a chat, check it all out. If you grab your ticket promptly it’s £50, goes up to £75 in October.

I understand there’s a whole array of speakers, some well known bloggers and even famous names. It looks to me like it’s going to be a great day out. Let me know if you’re going, hey, I could do a meet and greet linky! Anyone want to take part?

(ps if there are any lovely companies reading willing to offer sponsorship towards cost of travel and accommodation I’d be very happy to talk to you. Drop me a note through the contact form. Cheers)

Here’s a meet and greet linky – stick a link to a who you are post in! I’m also building a twitter list of attendees, so do @ me on twitter to be included – I’m liveotherwise over there.

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