Thinking slimmer three weeks in #review

I’ve been listening to a slimpod (Say goodbye to baby fat) every night and a fitpod (Make fitness fun and easy) most mornings (think I’ve missed that one three times). To be honest, when I first came across Thinking slimmer via twitter last year I was sceptical. Odd, because I know better than most the power of subconscious suggestion, given that I used hypnotherapy very successfully in my first birth. However, I’ve watched with interest as a couple of my friends have had great success with it, and in the run up to cybher I was happy to agree to reviewing it myself.

So I’ve done the first 21 days. I weighed myself before I started and then not again til this morning. I had noticed that I was having to tighten the belt on the borrowed trousers I’ve been wearing, so I knew something was happening, but I hadn’t expected to have lost 6 pounds. I’m now fractionally over 11 stones and absolutely thrilled at the progress so far. The belt has been tightened up three inches too 😉

More importantly, this hasn’t felt like a battle. My usual response to needing to lose weight is to cut out treats like chocolate and feel miserable about it. Instead I’ve not been thinking about treats, if I’ve fancied a chocolate I’ve had one, and then been able to stop. Instead I’ve wanted to snack on fruit or nuts, and I haven’t really been wanting bread so several times I’ve had soup for lunch instead of sandwiches. (Homemade soup at that, go me!) I’ve finished meals and turned down dessert and my activity levels have definitely improved.

I don’t mind doing housework or hanging out washing, instead of feeling tired and lethargic I was even dancing with the kids in the living room the other day. I’m also running three times a week, I had started this just before I started listening, but I think I’ve been encouraged to keep trying even when it’s not going so well.

To begin with it felt like maybe I was working too hard trying to listen to the recordings, as I was listening while doing last feed of the night. So I changed the pattern and started it playing as I put Tigerboy down, and although I often fell asleep while it was playing, the changes were happening without conscious thought the next day. My preferences have changed. Would you believe I even turned down my chip butty?? I love chip butties, but I just didn’t want it.

Of course, I haven’t done my homework and filled in my success log. I didn’t realise I was supposed to to begin with and then there just never seemed to be time to get round to it. But I have noticed when ppl have said nice things, like the lady at swimming who said I was positively glowing, or dp saying there definitely looks to be a lot less of me.

I’m really happy with the progress so far, and while I’m not going to have a lot of control over food for the next little while, moving on to a tudor diet and all, I’m already planning that I might listen to the whole thing through again when I get back, and fill in my success log this time.

If you’ve been considering thinking slimmer and you decide to give it a go, I’d love to hear how you get on 🙂

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  1. Mmmm, interesting. I’ve been listening to Paul McKenna “I can make you thin” with no success really and I used “hypno” for one of my births. I think perhaps I have to accept I’m eating disordered and get proper help 🙁
    Jenny Lesley recently posted…JubilationMy Profile

    • I’d start with a quick chat with thinking slimmer via twitter, you’ve nothing to lose by it. Sandra is very friendly and helpful and I’m sure would be up front with you.

  2. There’s a gene for being able to be hypnotised or maybe it’s a suggestability gene, but I haven’t got it. I’m not joking. I once volunteered for a hypnosis study at university and they couldn’t hypnotise me. When I told my mum she said that the same thing had happened to her when she was at college. Anyway – I wonder if that would affect my success with Slimpod?

    • I can’t be hypnotised, but I think if you are open to an idea it will work. My first hypnotherapy for birth was very practical, about physical relaxation and then stressing coping etc. when i was pregnant again we tried to find someone to give me a refresher, but the woman we found went on about clouds of colour and stuff and it was hopeless. With this, I find thinking slimmer sounds very sensible and not at all airy fairy which I think helps.

    • Slimpods work very differently to Paul McKenna and traditional hypnosis. Language is used in an entirely different way, effectively ‘de-hypnotising’ you. We don’t plant suggestions like traditional hypnotherapists. We call it Wordweaving. It is a magical combination of techniques based on modern neuroscience.

  3. You’re the second blogger I’ve seen write about this. It actually sounds really good. I’d like one for procrastination though! Out of curiosity, why did you only use hynotherapy for your first birth?
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