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A while ago I had a look at G+. I didn’t much like it, or its real name policy, although that has now been relaxed as I understand it, and deactivated my profile. But recently MumsnetBloggers were looking for bloggers to explore it and review, so I thought I’d have a look again and see if it’s improved at all.



I’ve installed the app on my phone, which is a start. And I set up a page for my blog, which I think is here. And therein lies the rub. If you take a look at that link in detail, it’s just not user friendly is it? And while I *hate* giving negative reviews, that is my major opinion of G+ as a system. It’s just not user friendly. (Please do feel free to give me a follow. Unlike using it as a person, the blog page can’t circle ppl who haven’t circled it first, which means that brands can’t spam you. Individuals however can circle you without you circling them, and then messages they output will be pushed into your stream. Confused? I was, but I think I’ve got it straightened out now.)

As a user, I want to be able to see things easily. But like on older versions of facebook, posts in your stream leap around, rising to the top depending on whether and when anyone has commented on them, making it very difficult from my point of view to keep track of what’s going on. And while it’s probably because I haven’t been on it long enough to find enough ppl, it really doesn’t seem to be the chatty kind of place I enjoy on twitter.

As a blogger, I set up the blog page. But unless I’m missing something (entirely possible, I don’t know when I last managed something resembling a decent nap, let alone a full night’s sleep!) I don’t seem to be able to manage the blog page from the android app. This is a serious drawback – it’s very difficult for me to get time on the laptop at the moment, and most of what I do is done from the phone.

Instead I looked to see how to add my RSS to the page, and was dumbfounded to discover you can’t. I’m really not sure what that’s about, I found an interesting thread discussing it all, but didn’t quite follow it all 🙁

I was looking forward to trying out a hangout, which I understand to be a sort of group video chat, but when I looked into the tech you need for that, it recommends a wired connection. As I’m not sure I’ve got one of those in the house, I gave up on that idea as well.

All in all, google plus just isn’t doing it for me yet. I’m not sure we need another social network, and I’m really not convinced google has good motives for doing it either. I have yet to be convinced.

Disclosure. I offered to review google+ for MumsnetBloggers network in return for a voucher to recompense me for my time. As you may be able to tell, all opinions are very much my own 😉

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  1. I won’t be joining until I get the thumbs up from you, 0h Technical Guru. Thanks. However, I have to admit that I do go and check my Klout score every so often and then get annoyed as it always seems to be going down.

    • Thought you binned Klout a while back, did you reactivate? You must have been commenting here while I was reading over there…

  2. MetalSamurai says:

    By wired connection they mean not a 3G mobile connection. Your home wifi is many times faster than your ADSL broadband connection (unless you’ve upgraded to fibre) and easily has the bandwidth for two way video streaming.

  3. Morning! I even had someone from Google try and explain it to me and a bunch of other bloggers at a Save The Children blogging conference. It got me to realise I could have a page for my blog as well as my profile page (like FB I guess), but I have to say, I am still only on G+ because I feel like it is somewhere I should be, rather than because I actually understand it or enjoy using it. Apparently it is good for SEO when you post your posts on there… maybe in time I’ll come to like it!!
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  4. I signed up and don’t get it at all. I’ll wait until you post something postitive until I go back! 😉

  5. I must get my Google plus blog setup x
    Susan Mann recently posted…Chocolate Cake In A MugMy Profile

  6. I signed up but don’t get it at all. I keep on going back to it every once in a while to take a look but I just don’t find it interactive or user-friendly. Shame because I have been described as the “google queen”, I can find anything on google, I use it all the time of course for research for my translations (I don’t know what I’d do without it and I think very highly of their search engine).
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