Two birds with one stone – the MADs and my own Lovely blog awards.

Recently I was given a Lovely Blog award by Anne-Marie at Child Led Chaos. (Great blog name. Fabulous.) And tomorrow the nomination phase of the MADs blog of the year awards 2012 closes. So I decided I would kill two birds with one stone, work out which blogs I’d give my Lovely Blog award to, and nominate them for the MADs as well. If you haven’t nominated and you’re lacking inspiration, feel free to borrow these suggestions. (Note, there are more categories than I’m supposed to give Lovely Blog Awards to. Tough!)

Diary of a Benefit Scrounger. This is the blog that opened my eyes to the welfare benefit changes. It’s the blog that made me think about how it could be me suffering the way she is suffering, my children woken up in the middle of the night and foisted off on friends, not knowing when or even if their mother would return. It made me think about how I would feel if I had to depend on benefits. And it made me campaign for the spartacus report. I’m nominating Sue for MADs Blog of the Year.

The post that launched the spartacus report on an unsuspecting House of commons, took social media by storm and was featured in newspapers and on the news. I support the Spartacus Report gets nominated for Blog Post of the Year

They may be temporarily drawing a line under their wanderings, but the wonderers are utterly inspirational. They’ve gone from being an ordinary family of four living in a normal house near the sea, to downsizing, working their way around the country living in a camper van and now the next stage of their adventure is a move to a croft on Rum. I’m nominating the Wandering Wonderers for Best Family Travel Blog

Adele has been utterly up front with her difficulties sustaining breastfeeding, and her journey has had my heart in my mouth more than a few times. Circus Queen gets my Best MAD Baby Blog

My mate Rachel at Tales from the Village has had a tough year. But she’s always gorgeous, so here I’m putting her up for Best MAD Blog Photography

Jane from northern mum with southern children can bring tears to your eyes, of laughter, or pure emotion. So she’s getting my Best MAD Blog Writer nod.

If you haven’t come across Camille Bijou at Lightly Enchanted, you have a treat in store. I love her stories and crafts and home education style. I wish I was half as creative. Best MAD Craft Blog

I’m giving this next one to Anne-Marie at Child Led Chaos. Her blog is a fabulous archive of what she gets up to with her children, and inspirational too. Best MAD Family Fun Blog

Merry at Patch of Puddles has been my online friend for years. We’ve blogged together since May 2003, and her blog is nothing if not a story of their life through ups and downs, thick and thin. How could I put forward anyone else for Best MAD Family Life Blog?

I love Hannah’s blog at Home Baked Online. Recipes, crafts, thrift, she shares the lot. Her photos are beautiful, her crafts inspirational, her writing clear and calming. I find her blog to be an oasis that I enjoy turning to in the madness of day to day life. Nominated for Best MAD Food Blog

I know I’m stretching the challenge here, when I put forward Another Goldfish for Best MAD Home Blog. The anonymous Goldfish doesn’t have children yet, but she blogs about the family she hopes she will have and how they are building a low carbon lifestyle to welcome them into. I wish I had her eye for crafts and decoration!

Kate from the Five Fsis one of the most authentic and honest bloggers I know. And if you’re looking for meal plans, she’s a good place to start 😉 Nominated for Best MAD Schooldays Blog

Elaine from Littlesheep learning is something I’d love to sit down and share a cuppa with. The best we’ve managed so far is twitter chats. But I enjoy her writing and conversation and so I’m putting her forward for Best MAD Small Business Blog

Melaina at Transatlantic Blonde is feisty, feminist and fashionable. Someone who can tempt me to join a What I wore linky has got to be my nomination for Best MAD Fashion Blog

Liz at Missie Lizzie B hosts the most inspirational linky of her experiences with charity shops, and is ever there on twitter to chat as well. A shooin for Best MAD Thrifty Blog
I hope.

I’m hoping that I’ve understood the categories here, and that this nomination will stand, as I’d love for my expat friend at Midlife Single Mum to win an award. So I’m putting her up for Best New MAD Blog

Emma has had a rough ride with her second pregnancy, moving house, suffering all kinds of health scares, and surviving Hyperemesis Gravida (no, I’ve no idea if I’ve spelt that right.) Despite that she’s blogged at Me the man and the baby throughout. Nominated for Best Pregnancy Blog

Susan K Mann is a book blogger, reviewer and parent. She’s also a fellow IT personage, and despite issues with her own health, is often to be found on twitter, talking ppl through problems with blogs or computers. Easy to choose her to nominate for Most Helpful MAD Blogger

Most Inspirational MAD Blog – always and ever the wonderful Josie at Sleep is for the Weak.

How could the person behind the first UK Women’s blogging conference not get this? Sian at Geek is new Chic, you’re my nom for Most Innovative MAD Blog

Please, if I haven’t mentioned/ nominated you, don’t be offended. Squishing my choices into the MADs categories limited my options in a number of places! And if I’ve brought some new blogs to your notice, feel free to enjoy them, and let them know how you got there 🙂 If you haven’t nominated, you’ve less than an hour to go, get over there.

MAD Blog Awards 2012

To those I have nominated, I’m giving you the Lovely Blog award regardless of whether you get a MAD or not. Please feel free to pass it on to 15 (or so) bloggers of your choice 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much. You are a wonderful lady. xx
    Geekisnewchic recently posted…Leather Satchel Co LovingMy Profile

  2. Aww thank you, Jax – what lovely things to say!
    Hannah recently posted…Reasons to be CheerfulMy Profile

  3. Awe thank you loverly, what a lovely post and I’m truly honoured to be nominated by you. It brought a wee tear to my eye too. Thank you for the lovely blogger award. You too got my vote. Have a lovely weekend and you’ve made my day xxx
    Susan Mann recently posted…The Funny Things My Children Say…My Profile

  4. Aww. Thank you! Having been involved with the NCT for a long time and a fellow Regional Coordinator for a while, I have met Elaine several times (and will tomorrow at Blogcamp UK) and I can confirm she is lovely and good to have a chat with!
    Kate recently posted…A trio of cheesy grinsMy Profile

  5. I think I may have missed the nominations but I’m grabbing the MADS badge and I’ll use this award to anounce my votes – if that’s allowed. Thanks Jax.

  6. Thank you! Knowing that others have been in it with me online has encouraged me again and again to keep going with breastfeeding. Your Lovely award is in many ways more valuable to me than your MADs nomination, though I do appreciate that too.
    Circus Queen recently posted…How to organise a cloth nappy changing stationMy Profile

  7. Some of my favourite bloggers there, Jax. Congrats ladies xxx
    @mummiafelice recently posted…Blogging is Therapy – The pregnant editionMy Profile

  8. Genuinely, truly touched by what you said.

    Some fantastic bloggers you’ve chosen. Thank you x
    Liz Burton recently posted…Wild Garlic & Goat’s Cheese QuicheMy Profile

  9. Wow, thank-you I feel honoured that you thought of me it means a lot coming from a long time blogger like yourself. I have you to thank as the person that inspired me to blog in the first place, you were trying to improve the voice of home education at the time. So I decided to join in and add my very quiet, small voice to the mix and ‘live out loud’.
    I really must get my act together though and blog a little more often.
    thank-you again 😀
    camille recently posted…Chicken UpdateMy Profile

    • Wow, thank you for telling me that! Am so pleased that I’ve inspired someone to write, particularly when they write such wonderful things 🙂

  10. Thank you Jax xoxo
    Melaina25 recently posted…What I Wore WednesdayMy Profile

  11. Thank you so much for including me 🙂
    Elaine recently posted…Playing (and learning) OutsideMy Profile

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