Happy Feet Two – an extra family film night

Last week, as regular readers will know, was a bit traumatic. So managing to spend happy family time together was even more important than usual, and I was quite pleased to have this film for review from Warner Bros.

To be honest, all I was hoping for was something that we could all watch without major negotiation or anyone storming off in a huff, and I was really pleased when it turned out that it was much better than that. Smallest was engrossed but not scared – she’s going through a nervous stage, but it tends to be of things that look odd, she doesn’t pick up on characters in peril fortunately. Small was captivated by the krill side story, and cracked up by their dialogue (a quote about a momentary relief from the existential terror of existence was so good it had to be replayed!). Both Big and I enjoyed the main story with all its twists and turns, most especially the music. Even dp was impressed by the singing, particularly Gloria, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t be?

So, as a family movie to suit all ages from 2 to 12 and a couple of slightly older adults, I’d have to say this absolutely hit the mark. And I completely deny any allegations of emotional reaction – why on earth would anyone cry over animated penguins in peril? They absolutely wouldn’t. So I obviously didn’t, ok?

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  1. Lol I cry (or not !!) at everything and I don’t have the excuse of hormones.

    How fantastic to be able to review dvd’s for warner brothers.

    Hannah x
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