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Best baby presents on a budget.

You may have noticed that recently I had a baby. Which means that I’ve been given lots of lovely new baby gifts, and also received a few to review. So here’s the first in a series of posts about baby presents, that I hope to complete over the next week or so. (Hollow laughter from […]

8 weeks old.

I’ve never managed to be one of these bloggers who writes beautiful meaningful posts to her children every month or every year. As a result I’m not entirely sure which child did what when. But as this is our last go around I thought I’d tally up a few things. Tigerboy is 8 weeks old […]

Toddler taming.

You’d think, four children down the line, that I wouldn’t still be making rookie mistakes. First time around, I babyproofed the house. We had baby gates. We had locks in the video drawer, which itself was in a locked cabinet, which had those cushion cover things on the corners. I had reins for those times […]

Silent Sunday 29th April 2012

Saturday snippets.

{reading} Terry Pratchett, wee free men. Excellent, forgot how good Pratchett is with language. {plotting} money raising ideas, more on that soon. {feeding} endlessly it seems. {cooking} roast chicken, roast potatoes {thinking} days are short with small children. {feeling} tired. Goodnight.

The Light between Oceans by M. L. Stedman review

What’s with books that make me cry? Books about children, about birth, death, love and loss. How are they sneaking up on me out of the dark, whispering their way into my mind, tweaking at my heartstrings? This is a debut novel – it doesn’t show. Reading it with half an eye to a review […]

I’ll give you something to cry about.

This morning I brought Smallest to the swimming pool for her weekly swimming lesson. It runs alongside a women’s only swimming session, populated mainly by women of a certain age. This leads to an interesting mix in the changing room, and this morning we just couldn’t seem to get out of the way of an […]

Vicks Humidifier – review. But there’s a post around it too, so you might still want to read.

Ages and ages and ages ago, way back in the dark ages when I was just a mother of three with a large stomach 😉 I was offered a Vicks Humidifier to review via the lovely ppl at Emma’s Diary. (I’m an Emma’s Diary blogger you see, it’s over there in the sidebar.). And we […]

It’s not what you write

It’s the when that you post it. And where you pimp it. And how much of a hook you get in the title. Oh, and if you can climb on some sort of bandwagon, or popular wave… Sorted. Sometimes (often) it can feel like you’re only as good as your last blogpost. But really what […]

Progress and growth

Tigerboy is 7 weeks old. He now weighs 9lb 2, a whole 12oz more than he did 11 days ago. (actually he could weigh anything from 4.10kg to 4.19, he wouldn’t lie still and the scales were really struggling!) He’s 56cm long and his head has grown too. He’s slightly under the 9th centile line […]

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