#EDChallenge – miosolo overnight nappy.

I’m taking part in a challenge from bambino mio this week, along with a couple of other Emma’s Diary bloggers. This is Blog post 1: Q&A

1. Do you currently use reusable nappies?
Yes, though not overnight for Smallest.

2. If yes, what are your reasons for choosing to reuse?
Saving money, cutting down on waste. Disposable nappies aren’t really disposable 🙁

3. Do you find using reusable nappies has saved you money?
Yes, especially as I’ve a lot from small, freegle or friends. Every time I put a reusable nappy on a child it saves me at least 10p I reckon.

4. Are reusable nappies really better for the environment?
I think so. I don’t wash at 90, do the energy use isn’t what ppl claim. I mainly dry outside or on radiators, the tumble dryer has been used twice this year, so not high impact there either.

5. How simple are reusable nappies compared to disposables?
Depends on which nappy you are using, a one piece reusable is as easy as a disposable tbh.

6. Would you recommend reusable nappies?
Absolutely, and I frequently do!

7. How would you advise other mums to take the first step towards using reusable nappies?
Get shaped nappies, much easier than folding. One piece like these miotrio are the easiest of all, even a bloke can manage them 😉

8. What is your main motivation for this challenge?
Smallest has been in disposables overnight as I couldn’t find a leak proof solution that didn’t smell or make her sore. This really annoyed me, as having to use a disposable a day meant I still had rubbish in my bin during the rubbish diet challenge, and it was costing me money. Happy to find something that might make it through the night!

Come back tomorrow to see how we’ve got on 🙂

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