Not a normal Thursday – Rubbish diet and zero waste on the radio.

Hardly surprising 😉

Today I started the day much earlier than I would have liked, getting up and dressed before 9 o’clock in anticipation of a chap from BBC Radio Suffolk coming out to talk about the Rubbish Diet and zero waste week. In the event Luke proved very easy to talk to and we chatted about how many bins we now have in the kitchen and so on and why we’re taking part.

That’s quite simple really. I care about our environmental impact. And as we’re now a large family I figure we have even more responsibility to look after the world around us. One of the things the woman from the radio had said when setting up the interview is that ppl often say that it’s easy to do all that recycling if you live alone, but not so easy if you’re a family. I kind of take the point, but at the same time, there are some ways that I suspect we end up with a lower ratio of packaging to product so perhaps it’s not so straightforward as that.

Anyway, from around half a wheelie bin every fortnight we’ve pretty much halved that amount during the slim your bin process. Tetrapaks and plastic bags are now out of the bin, and next week both nappy wearers will be back in cloth. (I’m not a saint. I can’t wash meconium nappies when I’m struggling to move around post birth!) You can listen to me on the radio here for the next week – it starts at about 2 hour 8 minutes in. Slightly annoyed with myself for not getting a mention of the blog in, but I guess I’m a real beginner at this mainstream media stuff 😉

The other bits I need to sort tomorrow are the cloth options for me. So I need to source good washable breast pads and cloth pads for post birth loss – I’m lucky in that I won a post partum kit from Moontimes a few weeks ago, but one kit of two pads isn’t really going to cut it. I’d love recommendations if anyone has any? Also, baby is a lot smaller than any baby I’ve put into cloth before – would love ppl’s suggestions as to what cloth nappies to use with him. I think the first size tots I’ve got are going to drown him – I’m wondering about the disana tie ons I’ve got, maybe stuffed with muslins?

And there you go. After we’d done radio, Tim did all the ferrying about with children for various swimming lessons, and I had my first session of just toddler and baby. I wimped out and we all went to bed, which presumably goes some way to explaining why she’s still wide awake now. Sigh.

Tomorrow’s task is to work out bedrooms. Which means ordering some furniture I think. Bunkbeds for the girls, we’ll need an extra mattress and then we need to work out how we actually do the move. Should keep us out of mischief next week anyway 😉

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  1. disanas work really well, you may not even need to stuff them at first if he’s really dainty, I used to use one wtihout boosting for Aprilia when she was doing tumble tots, was enough to last her the hour or so and gave her full movement round the hips for the time we were there. When I did boost, I did it with quite small prefolds.

    You could fold your muslins and nipper them on without the disanas though, that worked really well for us when Aprilia was new (and much bigger than your dainty boy!) Can do some pics on my blog if you aren’t sure how the folds go with muslins, its dead easy though.

    Think I may still have a couple of breast pads lurking, I’ll rummage for you. PM me your address and I’ll post if I do still have them. Mostly I used Ikea flannels with a raw silk liner over them though (I was sore an awful lot of the time, raw silk is just as awsome for sore mums as it is for sore babies!) Made me look even more huge than ever but I really didn’t care!
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  2. My favourite nappies on my newborns were size 0 kissaluvs, but we only had 2 or 3 of those due to cost. Most of the time they were in very old muslins folded up like terries with a nippa. That worked a treat too.

  3. I love Little Lamb nappies and their wraps but I don’t believe they offer anything smaller than their size 1 nappy ( they are 7-20lbs) however I know Tots Bots do a special size for smaller babies and having used some of their cloth nappies I’d probably suggest giving them a go.
    Little Lamb also do washable breast pads which I shall be adding to Babysaurus’ website soon, just need to figure out what they go under. I guess a new section called “For Mummy” would be best?

  4. Sam was 8lb4oz, but slim. I used Motherease from 1 week after birth to 2yrs. Same nappies. I love them! Wash like a dream and some were on the third baby when he had them, and just as good!

  5. Nice to know I’m not the only one who used folded up flannels as breast pads 🙂

    All my babies were chunky and around the 9lb mark (one over, two just under and one bang on) so I really don’t have any ideas for nappies for little babies and can only expect that this one will be around the 9lb mark too (I’m measuring bigger than dates, but hey, that’s hardly a surprise).

    I’d also love some ideas for post-partum cloth – I used disposable last 4 times around and I really want to convert to cloth for this too now.
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  6. I’m just about to embark on the Rubbish Diet after a fabuous morning spent chatting with its creator Karen Cannard.

    Brave of you to do it post childbirth!

    • I have a habit of starting odd things in the run up to having babies. Like this blog, which I started a week before Small was born 🙂

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