Monday – Rubbish diet weigh in, new routine, meal planning.

Aargh, I have so much to write about, and so little time to do it. Not least because I ought to be in bed, because we’ve started a new routine where I drag children out of bed and we get all educational between 10 and 1, or thereabouts. Which is requiring me to have a brain, and plan ahead and do all sorts of things that are really quite alien to me. Thankfully I planned in a bit too much today, so some of it can roll over to tomorrow, and I’d done a skeleton for the week, so dragging some bits into Tuesday won’t be too much of a hardship.

Anyway, Monday is rubbish diet weigh in day. We are making progress. Slow progress, but progress. I now have two extra bins in the kitchen, where I’m collecting plastic bags that can go for recycling with carrier bags at larger supermarkets. (We don’t actually appear to have a collection point in town, so I’ll be needing to do a bit more research there…) I’m being careful on the food I buy, so that there is less non recyclable packaging, and even though we had a radiator disaster and lots of things got wet so I had sorting out to do, the majority of it still went into recycling. So our bin, which should have been emptied last week, is still sitting looking very much less than half full – and the biggest item in it was the packaging from the new radiator. It’s possible that that would be recyclable plastic, but it doesn’t seem to be marked up in any way, and with a chest infection and far too much on, I haven’t been able to research it.

Oh, and the meal planning.
Tonight we had baked potatoes.
Tomorrow Big is doing us a variation on macaroni cheese – it’s going to be some odd strip pasta that we found in Aldi, with a cheese or cheese and pancetta sauce, followed by Bramley apple crumble. She chose and planned this one herself – I’m calling it home economics 😉
Wednesday will probably be a vegetable stew.
Thursday is always pizza.
Friday will be sausage something. Toad in the hole is always popular.
Saturday may involve mince in some form. Could be spag bol, or possibly cottage pie. (Unless it involves a trip to Yorkshire. Gah. Must remember to call relatives tomorrow!)
Sunday I’ll probably default to jacket potatoes again. I know, my bad. Twice in one week!

And that’s your lot for a rather crammed post for today!

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  1. Sounds like it’s going great. Thanks too for the reminder about jacket potatoes. I think I’ll be reorganising my own menu too as a result. 🙂

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