I brought lots of things on holiday

Including a laptop, a list, and loads of good intentions to catch up on reading and writing.

Instead, as is usual, I’ve spent much more time wrangling children than I expect. (no, I still haven’t learnt. Yes, I’m as bored as you are of that fact.) I’m permanently over optimistic about what the children can do, and consequently often surprised by how much effort each day takes out of me.

So today we have had late breakfast, a rest in the room, an hour or so in the pool, an afternoon of DVD watching, a lovely meal and an evening of flickering images. But at least I’ve put a few hours effort into something creative, as I’ve been trying to work out a pattern for a dress for Smallest’s doll, based on a dress I made for Big’s baby doll years ago.

(I’ve even been making notes, and if I can get it to a decent stage I’ll write it up and share it for free! My first crochet pattern, I’m so proud :D)

So there you go. A holiday day. Sort of relaxing, in that a change is a good as rest…

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  1. And no cooking or washing up remember!
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…#SilentSundayMy Profile

  2. relax!

    that’s an order x

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