Carnival of Differences.

When I thought of doing a carnival of differences, I wasn’t sure I would get much feedback from the blogging world. I’ve been proved wrong, and have been overwhelmed by the support I’ve had so far, on the posts I’ve shared already, on the posts I’ve been sent to include and on the sharing and support via twitter.

We do all care about ppl’s individual stories, and I hope the further posts I have to share will help everyone to see that it’s the story that counts – you have to look behind the illness, the disability, or the mental health issue to find the person, and if our government could only do that, perhaps we wouldn’t be facing the fight of our life over the welfare reform bill as we are.

The posts. From Emma at Emma and Three we have How welfare reforms could affect children like Erin. Jane at Northern Mummy with Southern Children dug through her archives to find us a number of posts about her daughter, BB. Starting with I thought they were over, I was wrong then Epilepsy: BB’s Secret World…. she goes on to describe DDH: Breaking my heart and finishes with I’m just a mum. So much more than just.

Claire at the Lazy Girls Guide to life shared her thoughts on welfare reform: The Spartacus Report: DLA Is a Right, Not a Privilege. Ailbhe from Who Teaches Whom also got going about benefits in her Temporarily Able. Mamacrow also shared her perspective on the benefits system and her attitude to it in Scraping the barrel.

Anni from TbirdAnnie brought me to tears with this beautiful and moving post My daughter isn’t disabled…. I wrote I want to tell you a story about a girl and Another Goldfish told us Another story of a life on benefits.

So there you go. Some cheering or distressing or challenging or heartrending afternoon reading for you. I’m aware a couple more ppl were hoping to send me posts – if you tweet me links to include or drop them via the comment form below on the contact form somewhere on the left I’ll try to add them later.

Thank you all for your time and effort, and feel free to share far and wide.

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  1. My daughter isn’t disabled made me cry too.
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