Bumpalicious maternity dress and Emma Jane tights – review.

I was very fortunate, just before Christmas to be contacted by a couple of ppl to review some lovely maternity wear. Bumpalicious do some fabulous dresses and I decided that for once, I wouldn’t be sensible and choose the dress that just possibly I could wear more than once, I’d choose a dress I could feel fabulous in for a special family day – Christmas.

I went daring. I went red. And I didn’t regret it.

I did (slightly) regret not taking the time to find a tape measure and working my way through the whole of the questionnaire on the Bumpalicious site. It appears I *may* have put on a little more weight than I expected to have done at this stage in pregnancy, and the dress was a little on the tight side. Completely my fault – the sizing is well arranged and if I weren’t blimping horribly (I am *not* telling you how much weight I’ve put on with months yet to go) it would have been perfect. As it was, I felt good in it, but it won’t I think do me til the end of pregnancy, supposing that I can find another opportunity to wear such a beautiful dress.

As a pure coincidence I was also offered some Emma Jane maternity tights to review, which teamed up with the dress perfectly. All in all, I felt good, I think I looked good, and I’d highly recommend both parts of the outfit.


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  1. Well I think you look fab! Sadly pregnancy isn’t in our agenda any more so I can’t make use of the recommendations 😉

  2. Actually you look lovely despite the weight gain. Where are the tights then?
    Midlife Singlemum recently posted…Mile High MeltdownMy Profile

  3. I think you look really glam…who doesn’t put on more weight than they hope to during pregnancy. Maternity wear has come on such a long way since I was first pregnant 9 years ago. Back then pretty dresses just didn’t seem to exist without paying a fortune. I remember shopping for something to wear to a wedding and it was so depressing. Now though more high street brands offer maternity wear that goes beyond badly fitting jeans and tracksuit bottoms. Hey they must have cottoned on to the fact that just because you are pregnant you have not lost your style sense! 🙂
    andrea recently posted…Boden Maternity WearMy Profile

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