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This time next year, Rodney…

we’ll be millionaires. I’m not sure I want to be a millionaire. But I would like to have earned enough to live on comfortably, with enough extra to convert the loft and trade our car for one we all fit into. Instead of resolutions, in the style of The Moiderer, I’m going to envisage how […]

Silent Sunday 30 December 2012

Saturday snippets 29 December 2012

{Watching} after much debate and searching, the Jackie Chan movie an accidental spy. It’s not really a family film. There’s more bloodshed than in the later films, but somehow the dubbing distances you from it. {Eating} Perfect Pizza. Takeaway, given we didn’t get our fish and chips this week 😉 {Planning} the journey to see […]

The post I’m not writing.

This isn’t the post I had planned for today. It’s not the post I’ve been meditating on, writing mental notes about, trying out phrases for. All my smart words and measured arguments have been shelved for a more appropriate time. I’m not sure when that time will be. I’m not sure when there will be […]

The End of Your Life Book Club review

The End of Your Life Book Club on Amazon UK I was sent this a while ago from Two Roads Books. I started it, but just couldn’t get on with it somehow. I put it to one side and promised myself I would come back to it when I had more time to focus. This […]

Seconds out, round two.

Actually no. Round two happens sometime next week when I load up the children and head to Yorkshire to see my side of the family. Today was our more relaxed day with Tim’s family, not that yesterday was stressful, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Today was the vegetarian option lunch (think I’ll […]

Christmas in photos.

Presents under the tree. Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast. New clothes. (Miniclub from mothercare. Full review to follow. ) Family food. We raised our glasses to absent friends, and I thought of that growing list of names. But mainly we did indeed eat, drink and be merry. And it was good.

Binatone Kidzstar Tablet review.

Buy at amazon A quickie review (just) before Christmas (though if you’re a twitter follower you’ll know I tweeted an even quicker one yesterday!) – obviously this isn’t an in detail cover of this item because we’ve only had it a couple of days, and the first day it was on charge! However, if you’re […]

Silent Sunday 23 December 2012

Saturday snippets 22 December 2012

{Watching} Ella Enchanted via blinkbox courtesy of peerperks. Despite a minor mutiny from small beforehand it was very much enjoyed by all, particularly smallest, which was nice. {Eating} homemade beefburgers. I think I’m getting quite good at this cooking meat lark. {Shopping} for Christmas. It turned out that starting getting a few bits early removed […]

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