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For today’s home education activity: punctuation resources.

we shall mostly be studying punctuation. Skillswise on BBC have a good factsheet explaining commas And then I’ve found a KS2 Bitesize activity to explore what’s been learnt. [Edited to remove flash game but add in link to relevant place – hadn’t realised it was making my blog play music, so sorry!] Hoping that will […]

Ups and downs and splashing frogs

So, there is currently an iPhone in the house with Pocket Frogs on it. (I had to put *something* on it to register without giving iTunes a credit card. Honest.) Which should mean that I get a few minutes peace and quiet to blog, but actually means I get about 5 seconds in between her […]

Small achievements.

Washing in. Washing out. (Sounds like something out of a karate kid movie. Very Zen.) Arguments dealt with, bruises cooled, tears wiped, children cuddled. Need to try harder so that there are fewer arguments to deal with. Drawn many pictures, including the name of the cat (no, I don’t know how that classes as drawing […]

Too quiet to be silent.

I don’t seem to have taken many pictures recently. I’ve been too busy doing nothing much, with a side helping of feeling pathetic. There has been a fair bit of extra sleeping, and a serious amount of pretty much everything avoidance. All of which explains why I’m wimping out on Silent sunday. I did try […]

Wondering when I get to bloom.

This is my 7th pregnancy. It’s only the fifth time I’ve got to this stage though, and one of those got only days further. So four times I’ve been around 12 weeks pregnant and staring into those months in the future wondering when the nausea and exhaustion will stop and the blooming begin. Because I’ve […]

Things I’ve learnt today.

We’re still doing the things I’ve learnt today routine during dinner. Sometimes it’s interesting, sometimes it’s excruciating. Today we learnt that we should always carefully check the boxes that come back from Christmas runs – apparently when I was packing up trying to fit everything in the car a while back I packed chocolate bars, […]

Childhood memories

All around me at the moment it seems, children are hurtling towards major memories. First day at nursery, school or senior school – parents buying uniforms, practising the morning routine, getting nametapes ready and so on. I’m not sure that my kids remember their first day at Montessori. It wasn’t like your average school. No […]

Photobox 24 live.

The countdown is on. In just under 12 hours, Photobox is launching a round the clock photo competition with some fantastic prizes on offer. In the course of 24 hours, there will be 24 challenges, 24 chances to win some absolutely fantastic prizes. You can enter one photo each hour, and they’re looking for photos […]

Home education resources carnival.

I was really impressed with the response to my call for posts for a home education resources carnival. It’s important to point out that many of these posts and resources are just as useful for parents with their children in school – no exclusivity here 😉 So without further ado, Katie from the Outside the […]

The one child expert.

You know the type. The parent who has had a child (or possibly more than one, let’s not be too exclusive here) and on the grounds of their extensive experience with their own family feels empowered to tell everyone else how to do it with theirs. Lots of them rang in to the Radio 2 […]

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