Just to prove that we still home educate – chinese peg dolls.

It’s history etc day hosted by Helen, with crafts supplied by Zoe and Katy, which mainly my children ignored and ran around with their friends in the sun. Apparently Smallest can climb the wrong way up quite a large slide now, turn herself around on the platform and then slide back down with a great big smile on her face 🙂

Here’s your Chinese peg doll – from the time of Confucius, dressed in a Kimono. Material should be silk or silky for preference, but I only had thin cotton or thick wool, so we went thin cotton.

The kimono is made from a rectangle of material, which I folded in half, then cut the middle third out of the front – hope you can see that in the picture as it’s a bit difficult to explain! Popped it round the peg doll, then used another piece as a belt, tied in large bow at the back. Fluff out the shoulders/ sleeves a little and there you go, one chinese peg doll.

Our history etc days are based around The Story of the World: Ancient Times v. 1 with whatever additional crafts ppl can find to add, and it works well, as each family can go into whatever detail they want to outside the group, then the children can do as many crafts as they like while together. And the adults even get to sit and chat in the sunshine every now and then.

A good day.

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  1. divasupermum antoinette says:

    very clever, looks good

  2. There was a spell not long ago when peg dolls were the rage in mainstream schools too!
    Julia Skinner recently posted…Beryl Cook and the Toilet!My Profile

  3. They look fun! Might have a go at those ourselves 🙂
    Clare Kirkpatrick recently posted…When your toddler refuses to moveMy Profile

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