Why I think there should be more than one type of Klout

I have really high Klout. I’ve said that before. I’m not quite sure what that means except that I spend far too much time on twitter, talking to a huge range of ppl, some of whom think what I say is interesting and share it around. But do you as an individual care about it all?

Apparently the things I’m influential in include social media and social media measurement. That would be things like Klout then, presumably 😉

In which case, I hope they’re listening… I read the other day about a Klout integration with facebook. Apparently they’ve developed a new tool that will allow brands to check the Klout of fans interacting with their pages, and serve them different content depending on how influential they are. This sounds a bit bizarre to me. Ppl who know me will know that I have a wide range of interests, including phones and books, both of which I review often on here. However on twitter I’m not influential on either topic – so the things I’m interested in I’d get nowhere with, and the things they’d offer me more details on wouldn’t really light my fire if you see what I mean.

Also, recently, I took a holiday. I know, disgusting, isn’t it? My Klout dropped steadily over the course of a week away, as my activity dropped off, oddly enough. Funnily, it took way more than a week to build back up, which I thought was a little unfair. In fact, I’m away right now – this is a scheduled post – and I daresay my Klout is dwindling as you are reading. But this is something that real ppl do. It’s fair enough as a brand or as a business to have a team managing your online presence, but individuals don’t do that. And I think Klout, and other social measurement tools ought to be taking that into account, and maybe giving some lee way to individuals who take the occasional break. And I wonder whether there is going to be some way to identify individuals using fan pages and getting perks through them, to separate team accounts where there’s more than one tweeter.

Perhaps that already exists, and I just don’t know about it. After all, I may be influential about social media measurement, but that’s only because I’m a bit OCD and I like to know how things work when I can. Be grateful for thoughts in the usual place, but don’t be too surprised if I take a while to get back to you. Like I said, I’m not really here…

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  1. Enjoy your holiday and don’t think about Klout or anything like that so much. x
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