Nazca peg dolls for historyetc

If you’ve never heard of Nazca culture, you probably aren’t working through The Story of the World the way we are. One of the things I love about home education is learning alongside the children, and history is a fairly weak area for me. So this week was particularly educational for me at least.

I was a bit panicked about the peg doll craft as I’d never heard of Nazca before it came up as this week’s theme, but a bit of research on wikipedia came up with “A large portion of dresses were found portraying birds with speckled bodies, double-headed serpentine figures, and anthropomorphic figures.” So I decided embroidery was the way to go, especially as someone else was already doing weaving 😉

So, a Nazca peg doll.

needles, peg doll, embroidery thread material, pipecleaner
(So that’s a peg doll, some thread, a needle, bit of material and a pipe cleaner in case you aren’t sure.)

Embroidery – I chose to do a two headed serpent. This is the body with head number one.
running stitch serpent body with chain stitch head

And a close up of head number two, formed with a chain stitch, body filled in by sewing through the running stitch.
close up of how to do a chain stitch embroidery

Here’s your finished serpent:
two headed Nazca serpentine figure for peg doll

Although other ppl chose to do chain stitch birds instead – rather beautifully it must be said.
embroidered bird done in chain stitch Nazca peg doll

Twist a pipecleaner round the peg for arms, cut a neck hole in middle of bit of fabric and dress your doll. Hey presto.
finished dressed Nazca peg doll

Oh, and here’s a gratuitous cute offspring picture. Because she’s cute.
obligatory cute picture of small child

If you enjoyed this craft, you may also enjoy our Greek peg dolls and Minotaur peg dolls. I’m also hoping to link to other crafts from other participants.

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  1. Michelle says:

    we very much liked this craft – especially with the peg doll stand so it is on the kitchen mantlepiece.

  2. yep, we also thought it was great. loved SB’s anthropomorphic rabbit sewing 🙂
    HelenHaricot recently posted…Historyetc ? Nazca and OlmecsMy Profile

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