Learning to read – a carnival!

So sorry this has taken me so long to post.

without any further ado…

Here’s Katie from Outside the Box with her Change makes you wanna hustle post about different approaches for different children.

Drool over the absolute gorgeousness that is Chris’s post on the subject, Ready to Read, Something for the weekend. (Seriously, I felt inadequate trying to blog about the topic after I read this one. I need a better camera at the very least!)

And then take in the wise words from TbirdAnni who knows that not every child just gets it from the start: When words are an uphill struggle. Great tips and encouragement from someone who has experienced dyslexia from both sides of the fence as it were.

Katherine at Teknohippy shares how the process worked for her daughter E in E learnt to read while Zoe isn’t quite sure she’s doing it right – To read or not to read?.

Maggie from RedTedArt shared a fab crafty post sneaking letters into baking, or is that the other way around? Book and Cook – Alphabet Book while Carol tells us about four different children enjoying Real Reading.

Tasha reminded me of her Book Week posts – Tuesday was a whole day of learning to read posts, so check the round up while Ali from Fantastic Reads shared her memories of learning to read and the books that inspired her

Rachel from Midlife Singlemum shares her thoughts on the deeper importance of sharing stories at bedtime.

And my own post on it all? All I know is it’s different every time. But I have a plan. Learning to read, take three.

If I’ve managed to lose anyone’s post I grovel and abase myself hugely, and if you remind me, I’ll oh so happily add it in. Hope it’s of some use to ppl and thank you to everyone who contributed.

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  1. This is interesting. Thanks for doing this. The little one is surrounded by books. We love them and she has inherited that love. She has her own very full bookshelf and we read at least 10 books a day with her. Out and about she constantly asks what words are and picks out letters from anything. I was worried that my lack of knowledge about phonics etc was holding her back but from reading this it is clear that it’s not. It looks like we are doing it right. Phew!
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