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Could you live on a pound a day for food?

For five days. Could you do it for just five days? I’m not sure we could. There are five of us, so if I look at ??5 for a day for the family it does make it easier. Today while I was shopping, just top up food, I paid careful attention to prices. 5 apples […]

A quick octopus craft.

Trying to get my crafting mojo back atm, so I said I would try for something for RedTedArt Under the sea Get Crafty. In the end I took part in a purely supervisory role… What you will need for this craft is a book, preferably a fairly hefty tome, and some yarn. We chose a […]

Exit interview for the Nokia N8 #phonetrial

I posted a couple of times about the N8 while I had it on phonetrial from Three (see moblogging from the N8 and Nokia N8 dealbreaker), but I thought it would be good to do a round up review much as I did for the HTC Desire HD. S’funny. I love Nokia phones. I love […]

The bad-tempered ladybird by Eric Carle #100books #FridayReadAlouds

This copy of The Bad Tempered Ladybird by Eric Carle was a charity shop bargain, think it came in a bundle for a pound with some other books. I’d have paid a pound for this, especially as it’s the hardback edition. Eric Carle’s illustrations are hugely distinctive – if you’ve read the hungry caterpillar, you’d […]

Troll wrangling, or, mummy, can I hoover tomorrow?

The latter request left me speechless. I don’t recall Big *ever* asking to hoover. She does sometimes ask to wash the windows, but that’s because we pay her, and there are times she needs the cold hard cash. It’s all down to Chorewars. Seriously. A friend (hiya! thank you!) mentioned it this morning and several […]

Nokia C7 on #phonetrial from WomWorldNokia

The Nokia C7 really is a thing of much beauty. Appealed to both of us – in fact, have never seen dp quite so taken with a piece of tech, it’s usually me that does the drooling. He coveted it – until he’d tried using it for a day or so. Then he handed it […]

Are you a winner? A round up of recent comp results.

There’s been a few competitions recently, and I’ve been very laggardly in disclosing the winners. So without further ado, let’s clear up the mystery. Your literary #guiltysecret? Lorna, come on down! £10 Amazon voucher is yours. 3 copies of Alexander’s Athenian Adventure up for grabs. They go to So that’s Ashleigh, tom and Rosie. I’ll […]

Where’s the village?

It takes a village to raise a child, so I’ve heard. I’m not sure what you’re supposed to do if you can’t find that village. I think (I’m guessing), if you’re using school, and it suits your family, child as well as adults, that might be a large part of your village ready built. I […]

Why I think books are important.

Zoe over at Playing by the book is hosting the BMB carnival this week, and it’s around a bookish theme. I don’t actually know whether I’m already too late to be included, but it’s too good a theme to pass up tbh, so I thought I’d waffle on for a little while before I crawl […]

Silent Sunday 24 April 2011

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