International Women’s Day Carnival.

As International Women’s Day is 100 years old this year, it seems only right to recognise and celebrate it with a carnival. I sent out a call for posts a while back, and I’ve had a great response. Before I go any further, if I’ve managed to miss any out, I grovel and abase myself, and will shove them in if you let me know! So without further ado:

In the world of work, business and government, Notes to Red Shoes is pondering positive discrimination in Quotas for women in UK boardrooms, as Burd from BurdzEyeView thinks that perhaps a woman’s place is in the parliament and writes about Independent Women for Bella Caledonia. Mamacrow is wondering how to describe her occupation.

SouthRiverMum is celebrating midwives, which reminds me of a campaign I was contacted about to Thank Your Midwife, while Emma recognises that miscarriage is still an issue that affects all too many women.

A hard hitting post from itsmotherswork considers How little we value these women, and how much we indulge these men, while Merry shares an emotional awareness of shared experience of loss in me and those women in Africa.

Carol is celebrating with a song, from the wonderful Annie Lennox. Great choice of song there, must have a ponder for a soundtrack for myself for today. Oh, and it reminds me – is anyone having a Bit of a Do for/with Oxfam today? I rather wanted to, but as usual, time ran away with me, and I didn’t get a round tuit.

Judith at MostlyAboutChocolate has written a post about
women in chocolate.

It’s just as well that I blogged about ActionAid’s Get Lippy campaign and Nazziwa’s story before IWD, as I certainly wouldn’t have had time today. I know that quite a few other ppl have blogged it too, and if I come across more links, I’ll add them in. You can still send your messages of support via their site to women around the world.

Forthcoming posts: I know that
Transatlantic Blonde had her muse interrupted by laptop issues, but hopes to join us later.

I’m sure there’s lots more going on around the blogosphere for IWD, but that’s me done for the moment. Like I said, if you want your post adding later, stick it in the comment field and I’ll be back to edit either tonight or tomorrow. Happy International Women’s Day everyone!

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