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Things I didn’t buy today.

This is a t shirt for a 2 year old. It appears to have a built in garotte. I thought that was a nice touch. Brand name called out to me too. Not. Am I just hopelessly old fashioned? Two year olds are barely past babyhood. What is with this trend to dress them in […]

Get Lippy: Nazziwa’s story.

ActionAid’s Get Lippy campaign focusses on the stories of a number of women in developing countries around the world, and is asking you to send your messages of support to them in time for International Women’s Day. As part of the campaign a number of bloggers are involved telling the story of various of the […]

After bath aftermath.

Pondering vaccines at the #bornto conference.

I’m at the Save the children blogging conference, listening to a talk on disaster response, sitting in the child friendly area, feeding a baby and pondering vaccines. Tough question. I know that to some ppl they are thought of as a magic wand, I know for others they are considered to be poison. And I […]

Getting Stuff Done.

Feels like it should have a trademark 😉 I’ve achieved things today. Not quite as much as I want to do, but then, it never is. But I’ve done lots. We’ve got photos, for passports and Kentwell applications. I’ve printed out the applications, and I’ve to fill them out tonight. I went shopping so that […]

Five things.

Five things that I want my children to know about me, prompted by Ella @ notesfromhome. Tough prompt. I haven’t read anyone else’s post because I don’t want to skew what I’m about to write, but I’m looking forward to going round and having a read. I bet that there are going to be some […]


Instead of blogging, tonight I am ppl watching in our local A&E waiting room. Precautionary, we hope, but best to be safe.

Getting Lippy for IWD

As I said earlier, I’ve been approached by a number of charities in the run up to IWD. The first campaign I’m highlighting is ActionAid’s Getting Lippy. There’s a website. There are videos. There are women from around the world telling you their stories. Some of them will resonate with you, and I hope you […]

International Women’s Day Carnival – call for posts.

It’s International Women’s Day coming up, on the 8th March. I didn’t realise, but it’s the centenary this year. I’ve been approached via the blog by a number of charities who campaign for women’s rights around the world, and I’ll be blogging about a number of them here. I’d like to hold a carnival (on […]

It is never too late to be what you might have been.

We went away this weekend. We drove all the way to Sussex for a party. Not just any party, a farewell party with a bit of a difference. Our friends are going away for a year. Going away from their lives, their home, their chickens, their jobs. About the only thing they aren’t giving up […]

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