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This was kindly sent to me for review by ChocLitUK for the 100 book challenge. I’m also going to enter ChickLitPlus challenge to read 12 chick lit books in a year, and this is number 1 🙂

Perhaps it’s because I’ve been reading so many books of such a varied type in such a short time, but I actually found this one rather hard to focus on. It seemed to just slightly miss the mark – moved a little too slowly to draw me in to the story, yet didn’t use the extra time to build the characters. A little superficial I guess I’m saying. A shame, as all the ingredients were right, and there is little obviously wrong to pick up on, perhaps it was all just a little too safe?

Nevertheless, I would look out for and give a go to others by this author, as overall it was certainly a pleasant enough read when I did get right down to it.

Book 44 of 100.

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