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A few more round up reviews of books that we’ve had around for ages and I’ve read again to Smallest.

The Whales’ Song is one of the batch of mini treasures that we picked up, but it’s also a book we’ve had for a while. It doesn’t seem like a first picture book somehow – it’s quite a deep story, and they are detailed, older pictures if that makes any sense. It’s a thought provoking tale at some levels, as well as being a quiet short story about a girl and some animals.

Thank You Kitty and Kitty Helps Out are large format pictures books with flaps that have survived two children so far, though may have to work quite hard to survive Smallest as she seems to take personal affront to anything stuck in books, like library labels or flaps. These are both somewhat moralistic stories in which Kitty discovers the virtues of helping her friends, most of whom are more often found on cat menus rather than Christmas card lists iyswim. So Kitty helps little Rabbit find his teddy, and shares her ball of wool with the birds and mice, and everyone lives happily ever after with smiling Cat looking on. That said, these books are really quite inoffensive, and have been favourites of our family for a decade now.

Book 52, 53, and 54 of 100.

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