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On our library raid yesterday I spotted a book with a geodesic dome on the cover. I couldn’t resist, and added to the pile of 71 books we were bringing home with us.

It’s an interesting take. Turns out that Barrington Stoke, the publishers, are working very hard to design books for reluctant readers. This particular book is shot through with facts, although as many of them are totally accepting of global warming, a theory which does have its detractors, it’s difficult to say whether some of these are facts or propaganda. I don’t think that is the point of this book though – I think the facts are to draw in ppl who might find a story a bit pointless. And I was a bit disappointed to find that there might be a geodesic dome on the front, but it doesn’t feature in the story.

Still, it’s an interesting book, and an even more interesting publishing company. I shall be looking into them and their resources further.

Book 56 of 100.

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  1. The best thing (possibly the only thing I like) about that book is that it turns the whole 3 Little Pigs story on its head. We still have it and C read it quite a bit at one stage. The only Barrington Stoke we’ve ever read. The writing style is a bit too contrived for me.

    • I liked that too, although like I say, I was disappointed that there wasn’t actually a geodesic dome. I think the style is probably contrived as a result of them trying to make the books appealing to reluctant readers or those with dyslexia.

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