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A challenge that is working to build a library overseas really ought to do more than nod at libraries here. We are not in an area where libraries are particularly threatened by the coming cuts as far as I can tell, but if we were, I’d be thinking hard about what I could do to help them. I love libraries. They are wonderful resources for the community, not just in supplying books. Although that bit is pretty good too.

Sitting around here atm, we’ve got Tiger by Nick Butterworth, which is a great picture book just crying out for sound effects. (Oh come on, you resist ROARing along with the tiger if you can 😉 Or Miaowing with the kitten for that matter.) And the pictures in it are just gorgeous, I can keep looking at them all day long.

Then there are a couple more Elmer books, Elmer and the Wind and Elmer and Grandpa Eldo. Neither of them are as good as the original Elmer book, but both are enjoyable. Nice to know that the rest of Elmer’s family are just as bonkers as he is though 😉

A book that I wasn’t very pleased with is I’m Not Scary! (Touch & Feel). There are lots of niggly little issues with this. The grasshopper is too small to feel the sandpaper scratchy bit. The dragonfly is an odd colour. The snail isn’t particularly slimy, and as for the whole punchline of the book being that spiders are scary, well, that just makes me see red. But then, I have spent the last couple of years trying to talk Small out of an acquired phobia of spiders which has made life extremely difficult at times. So anything that encourages children to that kind of irrational fear winds me up. Not a book I’m recommending, which is a shame, as usually I love Rod Campbell’s work.

Orange Pear Apple Bear is just beautiful. Really simple – just those words (and ‘there’ at the end) with unfussy but gorgeous illustrations. And this morning when we were reading it for the umpteenth time, Smallest said ‘pear’ and I just melted. I’m keeping my eye out for other Emily Gravett books.

Not Now, Bernard is a cautionary tale that I feel all parents should take to heart, although monsters probably ought to read it carefully too. You never know what might happen if you’re not paying attention, or not having attention paid to you. I’m not sure which is saddest – what happens to Bernard, or what happens to the monster.

And finally on the library pile of books being returned today, Hairy Maclary’s Bone. If you haven’t come across Hairy Maclary, I highly recommend him and his mates – they are lovely read alouds for playing with sounds and ideas, and the pictures are good fun too.

So I make that another 7 books.

Book 35 to 41 of 100.

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  1. I’m cheering – keep going, you don’t need sleep, after all…. 😉
    Merry recently posted…Favourite Books- One from each shelfMy Profile

  2. God, I’m putting off reviewing two!
    Merry recently posted…Favourite Books- One from each shelfMy Profile

  3. I have a small pile on the table to finish reading and review tonight. Then it’s going to be by the hour tomorrow I think. Wish us luck.

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