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Not a retrospective.

New Year’s Eve is an odd day for my family. It should be my youngest sister’s birthday, it is her daughter’s. So we gather together to have a party for a nine year old, those of us from further away swap Christmas presents, and we don’t really mention those missing. It is a day for […]

Even if it rains

there are nice ppl around. It was a glorious morning this morning. So obviously I sat in the house and put off shopping until there was a freezing rain this afternoon. Sigh. In my defence my phone didn’t warn me… so when I went out to walk to the other end of town it was […]

Redeeming the day.

The week between Christmas and New Year is usually pretty quiet, and uninterrupted by external forces. Today was an exception to that rule, with two appointments this morning, and then I planned a shopping trip. Midwife arrived sometime after 9.30 and did all her bits, and everyone got to listen to baby’s heartbeat and watch […]

Not quite a resolution…more of a challenge!

but I want to spend more time crafting and creating. I want to challenge myself creatively. I want to design items and make them, write patterns and share them, learn new techniques and broaden my horizons. And I’ve chosen a starting point. The technique is icord as shown in this video and the project is […]

Santa came, including secretly.

I have been incredibly fortunate this Christmas. Some time ago I blogged a little wishlist and invited ppl to take part in a cheapskate/ thrifty secret santa. And what do you know? Santa came through in style. A very lovely bloggy friend sent me a masher. When we were looking for a film to watch […]

Silent Sunday 25 December 2011

Yoda time it is

Merry Christmas one and all.

Christmas eve eve.

Washing, washing up. Clearing, sorting. But with many sit downs add my back seizes if I overdo it. And then some crochet. But it doesn’t look much like Mr Cuddles yet. Perhaps working from pictures when you aren’t visual isn’t the best bet. Tomorrow I have lots to do. Hohum.

Pride comes before a fall.

Today I was feeling quite pleased with myself. I did washing, washing up, bit of tidying, sorted through three bin bags and reduced them to two, with a pile of stuff to go to charity. I received 10 parcels at various stages of the day, including 5 out of the 6 present orders I was […]

Christmas crafting.

Ever such a long day today, travelling to a Christmas crafts day with our History etc buddies. Where we usually do it as an overnight it was a day trip, and that means over 3 hours in the car. Consequently we’re all tired this evening, and I’m off to bed very soon. But before I […]

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