Season of goodwill

I’m not actually a big fan of Christmas. I find it a very stressful time of year. You see ppl you hardly ever see, and you’re supposed to be all best friends with them. You get presents you don’t want, and have to work out things to give to ppl you hardly know. Which isn’t what it’s supposed to be about, but given that I’ve moved away from a position of faith, I’m left without much to hold onto of the original meaning.

I love carols. Adore them. And Christmas day at Tim’s brother’s will be great when we get there, but I’m stressing about the fact I’ve done hardly any shopping (think we’re going to have a charity shop Christmas of what I can find over the next few days) and I’m running out of time for the making I want to do. Plus there’s cards I haven’t posted, secret santas that may or may not make it given the pending snow…

time to take a step back. To remember that this is supposed to be a time for family, for togetherness. Time to look at what is good in our lives and in the world. We have family, we have home. We have funds for shopping and charity shops to shop in.

This will be the baby’s first christmas that she actually participates in. She’s going to love it I think. She’s pretty much cracked walking today – she’s been doing little staggery bits from time to time beforehand, but now she gets up and walks with a big grin on her face, expecteing to be congratulated. She also sits with a book in her hand muttering away as she turns the pages, taps her head for you to sing Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and can indicate her eyes and her nose. If we could just nail sleeping all would be good.

Christmas tree is fascinating, but she’s pretty much decided to leave it alone. Her bead frame is nearly as good. I’m going to really enjoy her enjoying seeing all her family over the holidays, and I know she’ll love pretty much anything she’s given.

So Christmas will be good, despite my forebodings. I’ll pull myself together and get organised, and find presents for the kids that suit them. And I’ll try to remember that the important thing is togetherness, and I’ll treasure that as my best present.

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  1. We simplified our Christmases when we started our own family and I don’t dread it anymore – for us Christmas is about family, close friends and taking the bits we like about Christmas and keeping those and ditching the rest. You summed it up perfectly – togetherness, that’s what’s important.

    Thanks for taking part in the carnival x

  2. Kay Wilkinson says:

    That is so very true! I think we share a similar viewpoint as regards some of the faith issues with Xmas. It does make it all seem a bit hollow! I don’t believe in the Xmas story at all, and all the Xian pretence at this time of year seems ridiculous when everyone ignores it for the rest of the year. (I’m ranting, sorry) Yep, Xmas is about togetherness, I concur wholeheartedly! :O)

  3. Oh you are going to have a great time….it’s so exciting when the baby suddenly realises what’s going on.
    I know what you mean about finding it stressful though. I have become much more laid back about it and I think the key is to not put too much pressure on yourself and do as much preparation before Christmas day so that you can relax as much as possible on Christmas day.
    Have a lovely day with your baby.

  4. i wish we’d done more xmas cards, we got the ‘duty’ ones off ok, then couldn’t get any more colour in ones for AGES, which were the only ones i wanted. So we havn’t done many FRIENDS ones at all, and we keep turning up at places with me kicking myself that we havn’t done cards. I’m really quite cross with myself for getting it totally the wrong way round!
    .-= mamacrow´s last blog ..Well the weather outside is frightful =-.

  5. I didnt like the stress of Christmas, but once we had the boys, I put my foot down a nd now we do ot ourway

  6. I love Christmas with the kids – it’s such a special time and I love it because they love it. I hope you have a lovely time x

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