Michael Gove responds…

I said

Dear Michael

Please do not let the CSFBill through in the washup. From what I can tell there is no part of it that is not controversial, and the home education aspects in particular are beyond dire.

The washup is undemocratic, and with faith in politics in this country at an all time low, you should be preventing any more undemocratic activities from taking place. Stand up for the electorate and refuse to take part in this horsetrading in a smoke filled room.

And I got a response.

Dear Jax,

I am writing on behalf of Michael Gove MP to thank you for your letter concerning the Children, Schools and Families Bill during this ‘Wash Up’ period.

We want to reassure you that our Front and Backbenchers in the House of Lords have fought against the Bill and will continue to do so. We opposed the Bill in the Commons and will continue to voice our opposition during ‘wash up’ to ensure it does not go down in law.

We are grateful for your comments. Thank you for taking the time to write.

Yours sincerely,
Anna Grotberg

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  1. They’re obviously catching up on correspondence before the end, I got an acknowledgement from her of something I sent a while back as well.

  2. I sent the email at 13.04, and got a response at 18.43. She must be working through the mail pretty quickly!

  3. Good to have the reassurance though.
    .-= Danae´s last blog ..Conversation as we know it =-.

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