It’s been a busy week.

I apologise for the lack of blogging. There are three main reasons for this.

The first was the consultation, which closed on Monday night. I couldn’t focus on much else other than watching the numbers rise steadily, and wonderfully, until they reached 5342, the highest number I’ve seen reported on a home ed list. An astounding number of responses to a government consultation, I think you’ll all agree.

Then on Tuesday I had my first OU exam, for course MS221. I also did MST121 this year, if I’d known how the year was going to pan out, I think I’d have stuck to one course, but there you go.

I’ve hated MS221 tbh, absolutely loathed it. I did the maths courses to prove to myself that I’m not stupid, that the problems I had with maths at school and university were to do with situations and teachers at the time, but now I’m not so sure. Probably if I’d managed to force myself to study regularly and go to tutorials I’d have understood a lot more, but I can’t think I’d have enjoyed it. I found it utterly incomprehensible and totally pointless. Very disappointing. I’m going to take a year off next year (what with the whole having a baby and two children to home educate thing) and then consider very carefully whether I still want to do a maths degree, which was my plan in choosing those two courses. Oh well.

So that was Tuesday pretty much written off. I’d hoped to have the morning to get myself into a good state of mind, but that was of course the morning Small decided he would make mathematical breakthroughs left right and centre and need to check every single one with me. So he was working on sticker maths division, and worked out for himself that it was kind of the reverse of multiplication and that in multiplication it doesn’t matter which order you do it in, so 3 x 6 is the same as 6 x 3. Which was fantastic to see him working through, although his timing was, quite frankly, abysmal!

Wednesday. Can’t remember Wednesday. Oh yes, now I can. Small was reluctant to cooperate with his work, or dressing, or going out to the shops, and so we were a half hour late to the 2 hour support group. And it rained a lot, so I got very wet feet taking Big to Brownies.

Thursday by comparison was absolutely glorious. It was forest school, and our first three hour session, and I had a deputy fire marshall to work with who knew so much more about open fires than I do, so all I really did was sit on the stump and talk to her. It was a lovely session, felt much more relaxed than the 2 hour sessions, and the kids got really into various of their activities, including some fantastic nest building.

Small particularly enjoyed the mirror walk – they had mirror tiles mounted on heavy cardboard which they held up horizontally under their noses and then were guided round the woods looking into the mirror. He did it three times, and I had a go, it was really amazing and did feel like you were travelling through the canopy.

Big enjoyed making more smelly potions, and we gathered some sweet chestnuts and tried roasting them on the fire as well, but I’m not sure they were completely ripe.

Then I brought them home and went to bed for the afternoon – I’ve been struggling with a head cold all week, and it really wiped me out yesterday.

Got up and made tea – roast potatoes, cauliflower cheese and bacon or meat free hotdogs. Would have been a very successful meal if I’d remembered to turn the oven on, as it was it was successful but very late!

And that brings us to today. Which hasn’t finished, so I won’t blog it yet.

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  1. Pregnancy and forgetting to turn the oven on go together like ….

    Shame about the maths course, I did three years of note taking for students with additional needs a few years ago and was desperate for some of the algebra to seep in, but it didn’t, I think i would have to go much further back. Possibly with the use of cuisenaire rods or some such thing lol. Re OU courses as Debs says in all things go where the joy is!
    .-= Maire´s last blog ..‘Independent’ review of elective home education =-.

  2. Have you thought about sliding into the science courses. I think some of your maths should count towards the open science degree. I am finding the science stuff really interesting and there is so much choice.

  3. Thanks for that tip Julie, I will take a look 🙂
    .-= Jax´s last blog ..Wanted – journalists who will actually investigate and report news. =-.

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