A vociferous minority.

From the transcript of Monday 12th session in front of the Select Committee

please note that this is currently the uncorrected version of the transcript. If/ when the corrected version is available, I’ll change my link and quote if necessary.

Graham Badman:

I believe that the EHE community has much to offer in developing our understanding of the effectiveness or otherwise of the schooling system. It holds a mirror up to the schooling system, and to that end, I have to say, Chairman, I have been somewhat surprised by the reaction of a vociferous minority-and I do think it is a vociferous minority; I can actually count the number of people who have done it. I have found the remarks of some of them offensive, but I draw comfort from an academic friend of mine who says that often personal attacks are made when logic has been defeated. I don’t regard those people as a majority. I think that I have benefited enormously from learning of their experiences, but I actually think that the change in regulation and greater scrutiny is essential for the children.

Quite a few of us have found some of Graham Badman’s remarks offensive too. And some of the newspaper articles that have been written on the back of what he said. But that apparently doesn’t count for much.

I don’t think that anything I’ve written on this blog could constitute a personal attack, so I’ve no idea if I’m counted amongst the vociferous minority mentioned above. I don’t object strenuously if I am.

I’m used to being in a minority. I’ve bounced from one to another pretty much all my life. Home education puts us in a minority, and I can see that we may well be in a minority within that minority what with blogging, camps, bit of structure and so on. Writing to my MP probably makes me vociferous, and if so, I’m proud to be so, and to encourage other ppl to get active and vocal as well.

Will you stand up and be counted too?

Consultation link again.

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  1. He could have done with getting his academic friend to have a look at his report, but then he may have risked losing a friend.

    What a fool he is, reminds me of another fool who uses the same sort of logic.

    Standing up being counted definitely vociferous and I be he could name me, not sure he could count me though cause I think I am number 11.
    .-= Maire´s last blog ..The Badman Song =-.

  2. You guys are making such amazing points in your blogs. I watch from Canada with awe. I hope you are also sending them all as emails to Barry Sheerman.

  3. I want a badge, or maybe a T-Shirt.

    “I’m a vociferous minority!” 🙂

    I’m stubborn and opinionated too Graham, got a problem with that?

  4. i guess, with all that emailing, i should be counted too. maire, maybe he used an abacus to get to – well, we know at least 2000
    .-= HelenHaricot´s last blog ..By: HelenJ =-.

  5. vociferous: “to be conspicuously and usually offensively loud.”

    Guilty as charged. I haven’t made it personal, unless stating in capitals YOUR REVIEW IS FLAWED is personal?
    .-= kellyi´s last blog ..nature study – spiders =-.

  6. I’ve done my best. Really I have. I’ve done my absolutle 110% best to remain polite, often quiet, while pointing out my objections and disagreements in reasoned, calm arguments and quietly signing things I deem sensible and necessary.

    But you know what? B**GER THAT. I’m 36wks pregnant, can’t go to bed cos at least half the children I’m not currently gestating are sick and I’ve had enough. So i’m going to say it loud and say it proud.

    .-= mamacrow´s last blog ..Clean as a whistle… =-.

  7. There is some suspicion that the other fool is the authors friend and that this fool may have given Badman the false impression that Rothermerl’s research was not sound. I wonder if there is a personal grudge involved in all this?
    .-= Maire´s last blog ..The Badman Song =-.

  8. That has to be one of the most offensive and patronising things I’ve read recently.

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