Patchwork skirts and no outings.

Sunday we had intended to go to Bawdsey radar open day via the foot ferry. But instead, after the cooked breakfast, the girls and I started on a patchwork skirt for their toys.

As is usual, I horrendously underestimated the time taken just to cut out 25 5″ squares, so C was still cutting at lunch time, while Big had cut enough for her first tier and quit at that point to start sewing. I made potato salad (from the free potatoes) and we had pick and mix picnic lunch, outside for the offspring, then they played for a while, including Small who wasn’t overly impressed at the time the girls were spending crafting.

And after that, we did some more cutting and sewing. The pattern is a free one from – search for Twirls for Girls and you should find it. I do like the amount of instruction that’s included in the patterns, great for beginner sewers.

Sewing pieces of skirt together took up through the afternoon – I think the girls were at it for about 3 1/2 hours all told, pretty impressive concentration skills. Then I boiled up some pasta and Michelle, C, Big and Small snacked before our guests packed up to head home. Lovely weekend – both Big and Small adore C, but somehow don’t actually fight over her, and Michelle is a very easy house (or garden 😉 ) guest. Much fun all round, and we hope they come again soon. They could even bring M if they wanted 😀

Quiet evening for offspring – shower and early-ish night, and I don’t think I was actually all that far behind them.

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  1. Thank you again for a fab weekend. I confess the skirt is not much progressed – but I have printed out the instructions.

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