A chink in the armour?

On Weds I was heartened to receive an email from the Select Committee on Children, Schools and Families, advising me of their inquiry into the review.

Along with a response from the UK Statistics Authority implying that they are looking into the statistic use of Badman’s review, and an increasing number of MPs signing up to the two EDMs about home education, it’s beginning to feel like the tide might be turning.

I don’t think that means it’s time to let up the pressure, on the contrary, I think that means that it shows that targetted pressure could pay off for us, and we need to redouble our efforts to contact MPs, contact committees, find ppl who can look at the basis of the review and get the whole thing overturned. Have you made contact with your MP yet? If not, why not? It doesn’t take long. A lot of HEers are going to meet their MPs, given that I’ve now tried twice to contact mine with no response, I think an appt to see him will be the next step forward. He has signed the first EDM though, so someone has gotten through to him.

And I’m beginning to consider filling out the consultation. I think it may be getting near to the time that that would be a reasonable thing to do. Although maybe I’ll write to the select committee first.

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  1. Must do osme mp writing. Not got to it yet. Was heartened by select committee reprimand over SATs though, aimed very much as DCSF and govt – cause for hope.

  2. Yes, like Merry I think that the SATs fiasco will really work in our favour. It has discredited Balls yet further. I’ve not made up my mind about the consultation – I suspect I won’t respond to it – but writing to the select committee, continuing to put pressure on my MP and looking for other buttons to press as hard as possible are all on the list. Lisa
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