Swimming and MMORPG

Small spent most of Tuesday expanding his understanding of RPGs. Every now and then he needed to regroup and spent some time back with CBeebies, mainly on tikkabilla 🙂 He got lots out of fusion fall, and then eventually, I dragged him out of the house for his swimming lesson.

That meant that we walked to the beach front and then along to the swimming pool/ leisure centre, then he swam for half an hour (well bounced around in the pool and splashed ppl) then we walked home together too. Plenty of exercise in swimming lessons 🙂

While he swam I talked about home education with Big’s friend C’s mother. (C is in the same swimming lesson as Small.) Then we covered Festival of History and I offered childcare if required during the school holidays.

Once home Tim popped out for a drink with his brother and then eventually came back with chinese food for us all to share. Small really enjoyed staying up for a special meal with us, I think, and particularly enjoyed Uncle D taking him to bed. Was nice to have a guest for a meal, and the chinese food was much better than the local indian takeaways have been.

Oh, and I finished up my TMA and put it in the post. Well, when I say finished I mean I did enough of it, I hope, to get me a decent passing score. Couldn’t face fighting with mathcad. Oh, and I had a long chat with another home educator over the phone about a possible mainstream media article about the dubious stats behind the Badman review. Knew that there was something else to the day!

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