Big’s plan

Sitting down with Big to work out what she thinks she ought to be doing during this home ed lark. This is being typed pretty much as we speak, so will be somewhat disjointed 🙂

We both think that maths should be a regular activity, as maths gets easier if you practise it.

She wants to do cooking, she’s looking through her cookbook again. I think it would be good if she cooked for us at least once a week.

She does plenty of reading, and I’m trying again with the suggestion that she should keep a list of what she reads, and perhaps review some of them on her blog as well. I’m hesitant to link to her blog from here but she would enjoy more ppl reading it, must have more of a think about that.

She is suggesting a tv/ computer free day once a week, which would probably work better when the weather is less cold. Boy is it cold out there. I walked past a house this morning with a heavy trail of ice outside it, looked like someone had poured a bucket of water down some steps and it had frozen instantly. It was thick and bubbly, wish I’d had the camera with me.

Poetry – I went to speech and drama and had to learn and recite a poem a week. I want her to do similarly, I think poetry is wonderful for that. We are however, negotiating this one. I’d like for her to copy out a poem each week for learning, which would also give chance to improve her writing, but she’s balking about the writing out bit of it. Hohum.

History is not something I need to worry about, as long as I don’t mind her only knowing about Victorians. She’s fascinated by them, and got yet another book out of the library yesterday on the subject. Still, guess that we can broaden that out as and when.

Science we’ll cover in projects – I think we shall be doing some horrible science this week. I’m not even particularly worried about them recording it, I think that will come in time. Languages we’re debating – Big has wanted to learn Spanish for a long time, and we’ve not done anything about it. I bought Muzzy chinese, which must rank easily as my most expensive pointless purchase, although I’m hopeful of getting some of the money back on Ebay (unless anyone knows anyone who wants to buy it direct? No? Didn’t think so 🙁 ) Tim would prefer her to learn German on the premise that at least he can speak it, but I guess if we learn Spanish we can all learn it together.

Ah, I think the conversation is over, she’s been distracted by something Small is watching on cbeebies about how mummies grow babies in their tummies. Can I call that science? 😉

In the middle of all of that, she read loads of poems out of The Oxford Treasury of Children’s Poems, including one of my faves, Escape at bedtime.

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  1. Ooh! How much are you planning to sell Muzzy Chinese for? Roo has been asking for ages and she’d be so pleased.

  2. clo has a poem a day book that she keeps by her bed and reads at bedtime. not that she can stick to her poem of the day. then she doesnt for a while and has lots of days to catch up on! she has learnt a couple.

  3. I really like the poem a week idea, I think I’ll try that with Jess. The Texan twang she’s picked up here doesn’t do her any favours with reading aloud or decoding words.

  4. I have various Spanish resources…..

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