If the world could vote?

Who would you vote for? If the world could vote?

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  1. Wow, that felt good – I just went to that site and ‘voted’! I’ve often thought throughout this campaign that, since whoever is President of the US does effect the whole world, perhaps the whole world should be able to vote?

    I voted for Obama, by the way, with all my heart. 🙂

  2. i have also ‘voted’ for obama

  3. Blimey… no one likes McCain much do they (apart from Macedonia, bizarrely). Is it genuinely the politics do you think or is a large part of it championing of the “underdog”? Not that he is an underdog, but it would be more than a coup for the Democrats if he did win. Does the world want to see a Democrat in the White House, or a black man?

  4. A Democrat. skin tone and sex not important. a clever thougtful liberal not scared to make decisions

  5. I can vote-and did so! I went for Obama. Basically because he seems like a calm and intelligent statesman, and I think we need that calming influence in the world at the moment. Have no idea how he’ll do-but don’t think there will be any rash/crazy ideas hatched while he’s in office. Fingers crossed!

  6. I suspect if you asked most people supporting Obama to describe why, they would say things like; inspirational, visionary, thoughtful, intelligent, articulate, measured etc etc. The word ‘black’ would barely appear.

    I suspect if you asked most people supporting McCain to describe Obama, they would say things like, black.

  7. This flow chart might help you to decide.

  8. What? Obama’s no socialist! How dare you insult him like that! 😉

    I did like the “I shared my toys” comment 😆

  9. FWIW

    … ComRes also asked a series of questions asking whether people would be prepared to vote for a leader who was black, muslim, gay or from another minority group. The question drew its inspiration from a similar poll conducted in the USA by Gallup last year, which found amongst other things that 5% of American voters said they wouldn’t vote for a black candidate and a majority (53%) wouldn’t vote for an atheist.

    UK Polling Report

    Hat Tip Harry Barnes

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