I didn’t do washing

I did cleaning. I did watch some tv, Criminal Minds – Series 1 Complete [2005], but not til the evening. Mainly though, I cleaned.

I don’t like mice.

The children now have a very very clean and decluttered room. The landing isn’t quite so decluttered as we’ve just moved to a two week bin collection cycle and if I put this rubbish in the bin, there won’t be room for food waste. Ah well. I hoovered excessively, moving all furniture (barring bookcases) and I expect that is why I feel like someone has beaten me with a big dirty stick.

Listening to some program about how global warming doesn’t exist. I’m not sure whether I care really – surely it can’t be wise to continue the way we are going using everything up, whether we are making the world warmer or not? So glad that I have Tim to talk to – I just bumbled my way through a sentence that was meant to mean “just because the climate is always changing doesn’t mean we aren’t having an effect”. Hm, not sure that makes much more sense written down. I don’t seem to be overly coherent tonight.

In other news, I went to look at some apartments today. What’s that about then? Why would someone buy a 1600 sq ft living space, with four bedrooms, if they didn’t have a family? But who would want to raise a family in an overly posh tower block? I know that children do grow up in blocks of flats, but most of the ones I’ve seen around otherwise have playgrounds at the bottom of them. This incredibly posh converted mill has parking spaces at the bottom of it. It does have a private fitness suite in the lobby, but there didn’t seem to be any child sized machines.

Where are the families supposed to live? I don’t understand it. The next generation isn’t going to know that you can walk on the ground – there are houses with gardens where you can see nothing growing as it’s all covered over with decking on patio, and you can go out of your hermetically sealed flat into your car without stepping out into the air, drive them to their climate controlled nursery and toddle off to your climate controlled office without ever exchanging more than a glance with a stranger. Days like today it feels like a triumph to have had a smile and a wave from another driver when letting him out at a junction.

I’m rambling. I’m very tired. I only just found out about Kessingland (I’m nomail on most lists, if it hadn’t been mentioned on a blog, I wouldn’t have found out at all 🙁 ) but I’m looking forward to it already. So are the children.

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  1. There is a bit on Bad Science
    and here about the climate change program.

  2. The contention seemed to be that climate change is all down to changes in solar activity. If that is the case then I would have thought it is even more alarming than thinking it is human activity causing it, it would mean that there is nothing we can do to mitigate the impact of the changes, or at best that everything we can do will be of much less benefit.

    I watched Are We Changing Planet Earth? and Can We Save Planet Earth? last night. A good watch.

  3. ah. I’d have asked you at some point if you were coming Jax – no way out!!

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