Yesterday’s worst disaster

that would have been when Small kicked one of Big’s teeth out then πŸ˜‰

It was wobbly beforehand, but she was still rather (loudly) traumatised. I hope she didn’t get blood on the sheets, as they aren’t our sheets, we were over in Meltham.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful evening. Once the children departed upstairs, the adults ate and drank and chatted, and I did yet more work on the neverending shawl. That’s a part of my overall feeling of crapness – the fact that I haven’t finished making Christmas presents, let along giving them out πŸ™ I didn’t do home made presents for Big and Small, although I obviously have the yarn ready, and Big’s birthday is coming up, so if I get organised, I might catch up enough for that.

The reason why I was so late to CM3 was because as the guy who’d opened up the office at 8 walked out at 4.30, I noticed that the desk of the guy who was supposed to be locking up was empty. He was working from home. Who’s the other person with keys? That’d be me then. So I was there til 6, as that’s the time we shut up shop.

Not well organised. If I’d managed to pack my crochet hook I could at least have finished the shawl while I was there, but no, while I was taking Small’s spare clothes out of my day bag that morning, I must have pulled the crochet hook out too and left it on the table.

Oh well. Maybe next year we’ll just celebrate Yule and give up on the whole Christmas thing anyway. But only if we rent a small island for a month or so away from all relatives.

And I didn’t get the present I wanted either. I’d asked for Crochet Pattern-a-day Calendar but when mother popped into Hobbycraft where I’d seen them, they’d sold out, so she got me a very lovely pattern book, Easy Crocheted Accessories, instead.

I will just have to order my calendar with my christmas money. Got to find some way of using up some of my stash and cheering myself up too!

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  1. Oh you do sound woeful. (((jax)))

    Would it help at all to know that when faced with a simple task like adding up invoices for me today, Max decided a much better use of his time would be to learn php and html (from scratch) so he can write an OSC contribution to reinvent the wheel and do a job i don’t actually need doing?

    πŸ™„ at the world.

  2. Gotta say I’m with Max on that one πŸ˜‰

    I’m not really woeful, although I am full of cold and we’re watching Toy Story for the second time in quick succession while I’m figuring out how early I can reasonably go to bed, so it’s probably coming across more maudlin that I meant. I was trying to explain the pathetic post from a couple of days ago, and I think I’ve made it sound worse.

  3. ooh, poor Big 😐

    hope the shawl gets finished

    Lin x (also full of cold, sniff, sniff)

  4. Ouch! Poor big πŸ™ I really feel for her πŸ™

  5. As for celebrating Yule, Zara and I were discussing that today. It feels like a much more appropriate time to celebrate the new year – on the shortest day!

  6. Poor Big! I’d still be crying I’m sure.

  7. Olivia’s lost two teeth over Christmas, and got another wobbly one. She cried because the tooth-fairy ‘forgot’ to leave anything for them! Bad, bad fairy!
    I told her she was moonlighting at Santa’s grotto and didn’t have time! Bad, bad Mummy!
    Hope Big’s feeling better and you too.

  8. She didn’t cry for very long at all tbh, and now she’s just come rushing downstairs hoping that I brought the tooth home (I did) so that it can be put in pride of place for a tooth fairy visit πŸ™‚

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