Oops – Part The Second

Jax may have missed “Christmas 3 – Revenge Of The Grandparents” but there were pictures, so that should console her.

My favourite part was where Small started to disappear into his sack as the level dropped and his excitement increased.


Avid readers may recall that last year Jax and I were given a hamper by my brother and sister-in-law. Well we got another. The hamper has a decidedly Suffolk flavour, with things like beer and marmalade from Adnams, ‘Suffolk Maid’ brand tea and chutney from Butterworth & Son of Bury St Edmunds but includes all sorts of other things which they thought we would enjoy…… well we will. It is a real treat, the beer didn’t quite make it back, being drunk on Christmas night, but we will still be enjoying our Christmas fare for quite a while. Incidentally, if you are passing through Bury St Edmunds, Butterworths shop in the town is a treasure trove of good eatings.

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  1. That hamper certainly does look delicious! 🙂

    All the best for 2007!

  2. aw, jealous of hamper…(note to my siblings…)

  3. Hello!
    I’m becoming a serious blogger now and adding links to mine.
    I thought I should be courteous though and ask if it was OK first, before just going ahead and doing it!
    Is it OK? Pretty please?
    Oh… now I just sound really sad!!

  4. Oh… and how vegan is the hamper?!

  5. Not vegan at all. I think the selection accounts for Jax’s veggie preferences, but that is all.

  6. Links are fine, and yes, there’s plenty of veggie selection in the hamper, I’m not vegan 🙂

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