I missed Christmas 🙁

This would be Christmas mark 3? The one where my parents gave the children stuff. And me. And Tim I assume, although I didn’t see any presents for him.

It’s not been a good day. I feel like a pretty crap mother, partner and daughter tonight. I think I’ll go to bed and see if I can feel like a better one tomorrow.

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  1. So come round here after work tomorrow, get rat-arsed and commiserate with some other “crap” parents 😛

    “Bah-humbug from me too,” quoth the Jan.

  2. ah well jax, can’t be perfect everyday, and you do seem to have had a very protracted xmas, and you are back to work.

  3. Well that’s not your fault! Your parents shouldn’t have done it when you weren’t there.

  4. Not too much choice, she was very late. Anyway, if we hadn’t opened them we couldn’t have texted her to get the extra batteries on the way. 🙂

    But no, not her fault.

  5. for what it’s worth I don’t think you are crap at any of the above roles, bummer to missing the fun though 🙁

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