It was good

thank you for asking 😉

Quick round up, as on the way out, I disinterred something large from the pile at the side of the bed, and that means that I now can’t see the bed 🙁

Parents popped in for first present giving on Sat morning – outfits for Christmas day. Small is short it would appear as the 3-4 trousers were far too big! We didn’t head off that afternoon as planned, I decided I’d rather have another night at home.

Christmas eve we headed off south east, stopping off to visit Bob, Katy and co for Tim to pick up a mysterious parcel. (Which shall remain mysterious for a little while, following a request for such discretion from Bob 🙂 ) Small had a minor meltdown at the idea of leaving, so Katy contributed spare head man to the cause, and we have taken pictures of him on holiday with us 😀


On to the travelodge to drop off our kit and then an evening meal with rellies. Back late, but with overexcited children, we offered an early christmas present in the hopes that it might encourage them to fall asleep during. No chance, Toy Story – 10th Anniversary Edition [1995] kept them riveted throughout, and it was nearly midnight when they dropped off, meaning that my traditional christmas eve wrapping kept me up well into the small hours 😕

All worth it the following morning though – will get Tim to sort out piccies as I don’t have time right now to go through and resize them all.

Wonderful afternoon and evening at Tim’s brother’s family’s house, highlights including my team beating Tim’s team in the annual quiz 😉

Tired children slept much better last night, and we had a quiet morning pottering into Ipswich to look at a jacobean building (Em, one of these days I’ll remember to contact you *before* I set off from home to your neck of the woods with no means of contacting you!) before going for just one more meal in Felixstowe. Left there mid afternoon and headed for a pitstop at the beans which was lovely. SB was the person that Big wanted to buy a chrimble pressie for outside of relatives, so it was good to be able to deliver that. And partake of Christmas cake, or course 🙂

And finally home. I’m back at work in the morning, so I’m off up to consider the bombsite that is our bedroom. Hope you all had wonderful holiday times too 🙂

[ETA how come so many of you were viewing the blog on Chrimble day (sorry not to have posted, but I didn’t take the laptop with me – just like last year, which appears to be an interesting topic too, as there have been over 300 views of last december. (sorry, no rechecked and it’s december 2004 you’re all looking at)) very odd. ]

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  1. sounds lovely, packed with family and friends. 🙂
    Look forward to the pics as they appear.

  2. Good to see you, and glad to heat you had good xmas.

  3. Good to hear you had a lovely xmas. Complete chaos here, but that’s normal 😉

    Oh – and I think I’ve got that Lazy Vegetable Gardener somewhere, if you want to borrow it. 😛

  4. Sounds like a great trip 🙂 Will look forward to more photos 🙂

  5. Lovely to see you; some photos on Flickr. Thanks for the photo of Spare-Head Man enjoying Christmas dinner with you, and for your discretion. 🙂

    J says: I miss Spare-Head Man a lot 🙁 and please take care of him.

  6. News embargo on the mystery consignment is now lifted 🙂 Its counter-part has been delivered at this end, and has been taxing Katy all day 👿 Lots of very similar daisies.

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