Convention on the Rights of the Child online survey

One for the children – let’s have junior activists too, eh?

Convention on the Rights of the Child online survey

Want to have a say about children and young people’s rights?

This survey is your chance to tell the Government what you think about children’s rights in England.

It is part of a project to involve children and young people in saying how well they think the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is working in England.

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  1. Thanks Jax, passing this onto my 3 teens 😀

  2. Pleased to be of service Gill 🙂

    Tech, yes, that’s great.

  3. ‘I want people to have more power,’ said the unelected Taylor*, forgetting just who the bosses are supposed to be, ‘but I want them to have more power in the context of a more mature discourse about the responsibilities of government and the responsibilities of citizens.’

    * Matthew Taylor

    Jax, please let me add that emoticon I wanted, you know, the one with the smiley shaking dice.

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