Archives for May 20, 2006

To wrap up

Lots of playing, education, even wrapped up a couple of things from my todo lists. Never as much as I want to do, but maybe that’s something I just need to make my own peace with. Big focussed on word lists. I printed her out the Jan Brett ones, and then found a site with […]


Yes, you know what usually starts that. Today is not going successfully. It isn’t going badly as such, it just isn’t going well. I’ve had in depth discussions with Big about her reading, which isn’t taking off because she thinks she can’t do it and that if she starts doing it she will have to […]

I wonder if it would be possible

for the various news channels to stop telling those of us who *aren’t* living in a drought area that there is a drought. ‘Cos it hasn’t stopped raining here for days, my washing is stacking up, and my children are going stir crazy. It’s rather like the post at I blame the patriarchy, where it […]

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