Just as well I’ve got photos too ;)

As Sarah’s got there before me!

There are quite a few, so I’ve used this rather neat free web album generator, that Tim reviewed recently on Free Stuff.

Starting early

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  1. Like the album thingy, it’s quite neat, isn’t it? Your children are gorgeous, I know you know that already but just thought I’d say it again 🙂 Looks like you had a good day too – especially liked the beauty and the beast pic!

  2. Some nice piccies 🙂 I’ve not used that album Generator, but I do like JAlbum which is very flexible, as well as being easy to use if you just want quick album.

  3. PS – H did take some photos, and she was fiddling with them, but not feeling so good tonight so didn’t get them posted.

  4. Cor well one! Lovely the “in costume with dolly” photos.

    Of course, i do now know that the “clear a space on the sofa to sit on” thing is true 😉

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  6. Great pics! Great freebie album generator!
    – Very inspired. Might even manage something similar here one day. Um. I guess I need a camera first 😉

  7. Chris, your spelling is terrible.

  8. Ahhhh…. It seems that SB has learnt how to comment on blogs. I’m sure it was very erudite. Feel free to delete if you so wish 🙂

  9. Lovely pics. Am impressed that you can see your table. Mine is always buried (hmmm must clear it today!!).

  10. Nah, if you scroll back to the bizarre creatures pic, you’ll realise the table is buried. I did take a picture of the box of stuff I had to remove to find it, but decided that was too weird to put up!

  11. Nice pics – oh, and I’ll second Chris on the JAlbum recommendation – it’s brill :~)

  12. lovely pics! We got our horrible science mags the other day but managed not to let the kids see them yet. Have to fight the temptation to think of things to do specially on my blog photo day!!

  13. Now they’re much better HE pics than the Observer ones 🙂

    I can’t get over how big Small is looking!

  14. Lovely pics. Looks like a good day. My favourite was the one with the tent 🙂

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