Watching paint dry. 

Playing with my paints again.  I’ve deleted twitter from my phone and am trying to wean myself off Facebook. I’m enjoying instagram, although I find the algorithm frustrating.  Hopefully all this will mean less stress and more creativity. I miss the community though, and I don’t know what to do about that. There used to […]

How to share links to facebook with just one image.

If you’re in the habit of sharing your blog or brand links to facebook, you may have noticed that recently something changed and instead of the one link with image preview, you get a kind of carousel effect. This is, quite frankly, kind of irritating. You’ll be pleased to hear that it’s easy to avoid. […]

Binned the Klout, now checking out Kred.

Just over a week ago I blogged about why (and how) I’d opted out of Klout. I’ve read yet more articles about it since that confirmed to me I’d made the right decision – I particularly enjoyed the The Fairytale of Klout earlier. Given their recent glitch where many ppl saw another drop of anywhere […]

Twitter hacking, what it is, and how to unauthorise dodgy apps.

I thought I’d talk briefly today about something topical that doesn’t involve NotW, honest, and that might hopefully give a few of you out there some help. There are lots of twitter hacks. The current one going around sends DMs from affected accounts offering $$$s for working from home. Hopefully everyone knows not to click […]

Meta post – on social media, Google +1, share buttons and blogging.

Obviously I have enormous amounts of stuff to get ready for the weekend and weeks ahead, just as obviously I’m suddenly shattered and in pain from the run yesterday, and now coming down to earth with a bump after a lovely morning with my #MumsOnThree posse (great to meet you all!) and fantastic lunch courtesy […]

Are there really no dos and don’ts on twitter?

At the recent Mums On the Go with Three event several ppl asked about twitter and said they were slightly scared of it. I found that bewildering, but on further discussion it appeared they were afraid of transgressing against unwritten rules of etiquette. Most of us assured them that there are no such rules, other […]

Feeling cultural? A sneak peek at the new top 20 blogs in Wikio’s Culture rankings.

I was very surprised a few months ago to join the Wikio top 20 blogs in the culture list. Since then I’ve moved around a bit, but stayed in there, and I’m very happy this month to be carrying a sneak preview of the list, which will be fully updated later this week. I’ve got […]

How much is too much? #tmitweets

Yesterday I struggled all day with a breastfeeding problem. Smallest had spent two nights feeding every 40 minutes, then gone back just as suddenly to 3 or 4 hours, and somehow over night I think I missed a left feed. So I woke up to a very sore and distended breast, and despite trying to […]

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