Sunday snippets 15 January 2017

{struggling} to get back into the blogging habit. I did so well in December, but then took a Christmas break… {also struggling} with pain, exhaustion, depression? I don’t know. Hard to disentangle emotional states and their permanence or otherwise from a physical position of daily hurtingness and chronic tired. I went for a stroll around […]

Saturday Snippets 28th February 2015

{watching} Pretty in Pink. Which wasn’t what we cued up for family film night. We’d found some Adam Sandler comedy that we thought would do nicely, but when the time came Small was too busy with his game, so he went off with the DS and the small children as his audience, and we watched […]

Saturday snippets 27 October 2012.

{watching} Back to the future three. And regretting it. Interminably pointless and without any redeeming characteristics. Although it did kick off an excellent discussion about sexism in fiction and the Bechdel (sp?) Test. {reading} My Big Shouting Day. Over and over again. And now smallest is reading it to herself. (I’m very impressed. I’d also […]

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