On buying home education curriculum resources.

I’ve been quite proud that despite the fact we’ve got piles of curriculum style resources around the house, Smallest and Tigerboy have largely been unschooled so far. However, right at the moment I’m a little concerned with how screen focused they are both getting, and I want to do something about that. I also want […]

Getting back into the (home education) groove.

It feels like absolutely ages since it’s been anything resembling normal here, and for once that’s not just a feeling. We went to Christmas camp in the second week of December, and since then, there hasn’t been a day when the whole family has been well. Honestly, it’s been weeks of misery and illness, and […]

Getting my act together as an educational blogger – call for carnival posts.

I really really loved running the not back to school carnival. And I get the impression that it was pretty popular with a lot of home ed and other bloggers. So, I wondered if we could make an educational carnival a regular thing? Who is up for that? I was thinking maybe 4th Thursday of […]

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