Twitter hacking, what it is, and how to unauthorise dodgy apps.

I thought I’d talk briefly today about something topical that doesn’t involve NotW, honest, and that might hopefully give a few of you out there some help. There are lots of twitter hacks. The current one going around sends DMs from affected accounts offering $$$s for working from home. Hopefully everyone knows not to click […]

Are there really no dos and don’ts on twitter?

At the recent Mums On the Go with Three event several ppl asked about twitter and said they were slightly scared of it. I found that bewildering, but on further discussion it appeared they were afraid of transgressing against unwritten rules of etiquette. Most of us assured them that there are no such rules, other […]

Never mind on the go…

I barely seem to have sat down today! So here’s a quick stream of consciousness post about the main launch event for Three’s MumsOnTheGo yesterday, before I lose it all. I’ll probably miss lots out, and no doubt come back to pontificate further at various points, but here’s a first try anyway. First and foremost, […]

On the go with #MumsOnThree

Been on trains and the tube this morning, apparently this tube is early! Only slight disaster so far involved a box of apple juice. Just as well lovely ppl at jojomamanbebe have sent my exchange dress to the eventfor me! (That’s customer service visa twitter for you.) Smartphone (disclosure: supplied by three) has allowed me […]

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