Getting hands on with Montessori education

binomial cube

So, last week I took delivery of a very large box of Montessori materials from the lovely Anne-Marie from Child Led Chaos. And this week I started to get the resources out. The first one out of the box was the Trinomial Cube (amazon), for no other reason than both Big and I adore it. […]

how to make a spindle box at home – cheap Montessori materials

spindle box materials

So, last week I wrote about the Montessori method and materials. I recommended a couple of books – I’ve now found Montessori’s Own Handbook (kindle) for just 36p. I can’t resist that myself quite frankly! I also talked about making my own version of a spindle box. (The spindle box is discussed in Discovery of […]

Montessori moments – the method and the materials

binomial cube

This wekk in one of the home ed groups I’m in, someone asked about Montessori books for home ed. I went digging around on Amazon (shh) and found that you can get Montessori Play and Learn : A Parents’ Guide to Purposeful Play from Two to Six for as low as 1p plus postage secondhand. […]

100 home ed days.

shape snap green board games

I’ve generally stayed away from the various #100days tags and memes I’ve seen floating around out there, because my track record with keeping going with things to completion is not good. (Witness the lack of 300PBs updates recently :/) But when Tech aka creatively paleo suggested on Instagram that we have a #100homeeddays tag, I […]

I’m making a list

It’s for Sir Michael Wilshaw, the head of Ofsted. And Michael Gove. And all the other idiots politicians who appear to feel they know what children need regardless of what people who actually know children say. Did you see this? In the telegraph apparently he’s talking about a checklist. Parents should be issued with a […]

Learning to read, take three.

What with the whole home education thing, I’ve been very involved in the learning to read process for both of my older children. I think I’ve learnt something from that experience. Point 1 – there is no one way that suits all children. I know about the current educational vogue for synthetic phonics, and I […]

Leapfrog Maths Adventure to the Moon: review and competition

Released to own on DVD 9th May 2011. A fun new, educational release from the popular and trusted Leap Frog brand, MATHS ADVENTURE TO THE MOON really launches children’s number skills! Never before seen on UK TV and out to buy on DVD from the 9th May (RRP GBP 9.99). Join school-going frogs Tad and […]

I have discovered I am shameless

when it comes to charity. I will tweet at publicists, publishers and bookstores. I will email publishing companies, write guest posts for blogs and ask for stuff in comments on yet more blogs. And I was brought up to believe it’s rude to say I want I don’t really know what’s come over me. Except […]

School, huh, yeah, what is it good for?

Despite appearances to the contrary, given that we home educate, I’m not actually anti school per se. I’m just not sure I can see the point of it. And I think that there are an awful lot of ppl with similar sneaky suspicions out there, who are using school and just wondering if… So let’s […]

Broad and balanced v intrinsic motivation.

This review does not argue against the rights of parents as set out in Section 7 of the Education Act 1996 outlined above, nor their deeply held convictions about education. I believe it would be wrong to seek to legislate in pursuit of an all embracing definition of “suitable”. However, such is the demand and […]

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