De stuffocation and a digital detox.


It’s Kentwell time. I’m not ready. I’m never ready. I trudge through my days frittering time away and then suddenly panic that the deadline is upon me. I don’t know why I do that. I think I’m getting worse at it, or maybe it’s just that there are more of us to get ready. (Where […]

Looking back and forward to Kentwell Hall.

Sunset over Kentwell Hall

Challenged to find a picture of my favourite holiday destination for this Al Fresco Holidays blog competition, I couldn’t resist the chance to wax lyrical about Kentwell Hall and reenactment once again. It’s an odd choice of holiday. It’s hard work for one, but I suppose it’s the change is as good as a rest […]

Silent Sunday 7 July 2013


Snack time


Unseemly children without their head covers.

Saturday snippets 13 April 2013


{Watching} the spy next door. Jackie Chan family oriented movie. A bit uneven in pacing, but overall great fun. {Reading} Follow me down by Tanya Byrne. Which has no problems with pacing 😉 {Visiting} kentwell Hall for a sewing day in preparation for tudor times ahead. Lots of costume changes afoot. {Eating} McDonald’s, as we […]

Things I’ve learnt from Kentwell, edition two.

Pottage can be really really good. No, really good. I mean it. I think I’ve put weight on. People can be really really ignorant. I am *still* stuttering, hours later, about the woman who commented negatively on me breastfeeding my five month old baby, in character. Apparently tudors had no pride. Grrr. Both borage and […]

Silent Sunday 26 August 2012

Saturday snippets 25 August 2012

{lighting} a fire for cooking on {wearing} kirtle, shift and all {carrying} a baby {making} new friends {missing} my older boy and dp {eating} pottage, frumenty, and fried worts {listening} to the gentle patter of rain on a tent {enjoying} High Summer at Kentwell hall and glorious evening storm with following sunset.

Silent Sunday 17th June 2012

too much stuff in my head

Just like too much stuff in my house. So maybe if I empty a few words out I’ll find some space to think and get stuff done? I need a new plan. My 30 day plan worked well last time around, but I’ve stalled since, with everything that’s been going on. It’s been such a […]

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