Saturday snippets 26 September 2015

{feeling} like it’s rather more than 2 steps back for every step forward at the moment. But I think a very large part of that is my own perception, and that’s something I need to work on.  {washing} all the things. And wishing there weren’t quite so many things. So much bedding, and Tudor kit, […]

De stuffocation and a digital detox.

It’s Kentwell time. I’m not ready. I’m never ready. I trudge through my days frittering time away and then suddenly panic that the deadline is upon me. I don’t know why I do that. I think I’m getting worse at it, or maybe it’s just that there are more of us to get ready. (Where […]

Looking back and forward to Kentwell Hall.

Challenged to find a picture of my favourite holiday destination for this Al Fresco Holidays blog competition, I couldn’t resist the chance to wax lyrical about Kentwell Hall and reenactment once again. It’s an odd choice of holiday. It’s hard work for one, but I suppose it’s the change is as good as a rest […]

Silent Sunday 7 July 2013

Snack time

Unseemly children without their head covers.

Saturday snippets 13 April 2013

{Watching} the spy next door. Jackie Chan family oriented movie. A bit uneven in pacing, but overall great fun. {Reading} Follow me down by Tanya Byrne. Which has no problems with pacing 😉 {Visiting} kentwell Hall for a sewing day in preparation for tudor times ahead. Lots of costume changes afoot. {Eating} McDonald’s, as we […]

Things I’ve learnt from Kentwell, edition two.

Pottage can be really really good. No, really good. I mean it. I think I’ve put weight on. People can be really really ignorant. I am *still* stuttering, hours later, about the woman who commented negatively on me breastfeeding my five month old baby, in character. Apparently tudors had no pride. Grrr. Both borage and […]

Silent Sunday 26 August 2012

Saturday snippets 25 August 2012

{lighting} a fire for cooking on {wearing} kirtle, shift and all {carrying} a baby {making} new friends {missing} my older boy and dp {eating} pottage, frumenty, and fried worts {listening} to the gentle patter of rain on a tent {enjoying} High Summer at Kentwell hall and glorious evening storm with following sunset.

Silent Sunday 17th June 2012

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