On autism, girls and school – commentary on a research article.

A friend linked me to this interesting research article, the experience of the hidden curriculum for autistic girls at mainstream primary schools. It got me to thinking, about autism, girls and things that are hidden in plain sight. The hidden curriculum under discussion here isn’t quite the same as the one that springs to mind […]

So Nick Gibb has been to China

He’s the Education minister apparently (his arrival completely passed me by). And he’s returned to tell teachers to copy China – and ditch trendy teaching for ‘chalk and talk’. (Telegraph link, daily mail headline.) It’s all about the rote learning you see, that’s the only difference. He somehow didn’t notice the smaller class size or […]

Year of code? Please no.

So, I was on twitter last night, as I oh so often am. And I saw a link to a guardian article about the year of code initiative. My response? RT @anghelides Why every child should learn to code http://t.co/wmMeV5lMYP <no no and thrice no. Need to let people think not make them code — […]

School for 45 weeks? You’re having a laugh.

So last week I had a rare night out, and on the way home on the train, I spotted discussion of a proposal to extend school times to 45 hours a week, 45 weeks a year. I assumed this was a joke. Amazingly, it isn’t. I bought the Sun a couple of days later (for […]

Book related rant – is Harry Potter really all that?

I’ve just, courtesy of twitter, come across the latest words of wisdom from a politician on reading. The headline is All children should read Harry Potter books by 11, says minister The actual quote is β€œBy the end of primary school, all children should be able to read and enjoy books like Harry Potter. But […]

It's been a long road

getting here. Here to this place of sunshine, baby laughter, growing things and growing children. I’ve taken a lot of detours on the way. It’s taken a while to realise that to raise children the way I want to I can’t outsource it, no matter how wonderful the environment I tried to outsource them to. […]

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